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Saturday, April 12, 2014

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This animal is almost as ancient as anomalocaris itself. It lurks in burrows, waiting for its victims to swim within range of its claws. Looking at the fossils of anomalocaris and comparing them to mantis shrimps, one could imagine that these Online Radio are similar. They both have big raptorial appendages that are shot out at the front to grasp prey. You could imagine them lurking behind a rock waiting for unwitting prey to come past. And bang! Suddenly that's dinner. The mantis shrimp illustrates the essential characteristics of this brand new predator class of Online Radio. Superb vision, great speed and superior size. Like anomalocaris, it's considerably larger than its victims. It also has extremely acute vision, with different types of colour receptors in its eyes. We have just three. And it's one of the fastest Online Radio alive, some species striking with the speed of a pellet from a gun. It's unlikely anomalocaris was as fast, or that it saw its prey so clearly, but nonetheless, it was a formidable predator, just as the mantis shrimp is today. Even a glimpse of a finger through glass is enough to make this animal strike, and with alarming force. So why did the mantis shrimp evolve in this way? Well, obviously Online Radio in order that it could outfox and outmanoeuvre, and eventually catch its prey. It's become very fast, very powerful, and capable of great patience. And those are characteristics of predators everywhere. So the fossilised remains of anomalocaris are evidence that hunting had begun in the Cambrian. And as predators became bigger, faster and stronger, so their prey had to develop increasingly elaborate defences. Opabinia's five eyes helped it spot trouble. And Hallucigenia protected itself with those spines along its back. One of the world's leading experts on the Burgess Shales, Dr JeanBernard Caron, believes that it was the arrival of predators like anomalocaris that stimulated the great Cambrian explosion of diversity. It is during the Cambrian that we can start seeing Online Radio with legs, eyes, swimming.

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