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Thursday, May 8, 2014

GotRadio Urban Lounge

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But the shape of a trilobite's eyes can reveal more than the kind of image they produced. Eyes can tell us a surprising amount about how and where an animal lived. This one with its eyes on turrets probably lived in the sea where it was gloomy, but nonetheless there was enough light for the animal to be able to see on either side of it. This one, on the other hand, has eyes also on turrets, but at the top it has flanges, like sun shades. So it's, er, likely that it lived in the shallow, sunlit sea and valued shades above its eyes so it didn't get dazzled. This one, however, has very reduced eyes, and it may well be that it skated along the mud along the bottom, where it was gloomy anyway and there wasn't much to see, so like an animal living in a cave, it slowly lost the use of its eyes. And finally there's this creature, and this is the one I think is particularly delightful. This one has its eyes on stalks. And probably lived under the mud, gobbling up food there with its, just its eyes peeking out of the top, to see whether there was danger around. So trilobites were the first Online Radio to see clearly. But they had other senses as well, perhaps some we don't even know about. Take this species with this bizarre trident structure on its nose. What was it for? Some kind of motion sensor? Prehistoric radar, perhaps? Trilobites were, without question, the most successful Online Radio of their time. They flourished in all parts of the ocean. Indeed, they could be counted as one of the most successful kinds of Online Radio in the entire history of life. Most trilobites are quite small, rather like beetles are today. But the biggest living beetle is about that big, the goliath beetle. Trilobites, on the other hand, grew very big indeed. Like this one. And this is by no means the biggest. The biggest known is nearly a metre, nearly three feet long. And it's thought that these really big ones grew to this size because they lived in cold waters, and that's a tendency of Online Radio in cold, to grow large.

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