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Friday, July 3, 2015

Radio Magic FM 105.4 Fm

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The Radio Yeah, David? Can I use the bathroom? Yeah. So Radio He subjugated the what? He subjugated the what of the Radio He subjugated Radio He just texted me, I swear. Hey. Yo, what's wrong with your face? What? You're smiling, like huge. What are we doing here, David? Yeah. What are we doing here? It's a surprise. I like surprises. Shut up! No one cares what you like. I should be in trig, David. I know, I know. Don't worry, we'll just be gone one minute. All right, guys. Who wants to push this thing back three months? How? The machine can't do that. Trust me. Just brace harder than before. This feels different. Are you sure this is okay? Guys, yo, yo, yo! I know it's not Woodstock or anything, but Radio It'll do! It'll do. Yes! All right, sweet. Can I have your number? Dude, I'm supposed to be in gym right now! I'm never going home! Here. The schedule. We're not gonna see gangsta rap over Vampire Weekend. That's dumb. You guys, wait, you guys. Guys. We don't have to argue. This already happened. It's all on Instagram. I know what was sick and what wasn't. Dude, look. All right, let's go do it. Adam! Adam, hey, will you hold the camera? Oh, my God. I love time travel. Right here. What? How did you get these? Dude, are those VIP? Yeah, three months after the show, five bucks on eBay. Oh, my God! Dude, David! What can we do with these? Anything. Oh, my God. David, you're the man! We're backstage right now. We are backstage right now. I can't believe you did this. I got a surprise coming. I got a surprise for her. Listen, listen. This song goes out to Jessie Pierce. Dude, that was sick! Okay, okay. You guys, I've got an idea. Just do what I do, okay? Follow me! Hey, how are you? No way. Bend your knees. Just bounce. Like this or something? Loosen up a little bit. Just, like do this, and you'll look like a cool guy. He's dancing! Is that good? Yeah! That's my boy! That's my boy! I'm number one! That was so much fun. This is the best day ever. I can't believe it. Thank you so much for taking us. She's really cool, David. Who? Jessie, the girl you've been freaking spying on for five minutes. What? Where'd you go? Hey. Hi. This is awesome. Yeah. Thank you very much. Best friends, man. My best friends. Oh, my God, he's actually gonna go for it. Hey. How's it going? Hey! This is harder than it looks, huh? To write something. What would you do? "Before the world ends, I want to dance the night away." That's pretty dumb actually. Hey, I wrote that one. I mean, it's okay. It's not that dumb. I just Radio David, I'm messing with you. This is a good one. "Before the world ends, I have to run naked through the streets." Are you picturing me naked now? No. Really? Not even a little? Some. A whole lot. I don't know Radio What's the right answer? You'll never know. Sorry, dude! No problem. Check it out! "Before the world ends, I have to time travel." "Before the world ends, I have to win the lottery." Two for two. "Before the world ends, I have to tell those es off"? Yeah, my sister probably wrote that. I think she did. Don't mind her. She has a bad attitude. I think we've almost crossed everything off this list, huh? I think we're just getting started. "Before the world ends, I have to fall in love." Probably not the worst thing you could wish for, right? No. Probably better than owning your own monkey or something. Probably, yeah. "Before the world ends, I wanna go skydiving." Yeah, that's a good one, too. Totally. I heard it's really fun. I'm going to go grab a water. Okay. Yeah, all right. You know what, I'll be right here. I'll wait. Oh, my God. The world is ending. How'd it go? What? With Jessie. What with Jessie? We were just talking! Seriously, David? She left the door wide open. No, no, she didn't. She never even Radio What are you guys talking about? It's okay. It's all right, man. Let's have fun. Let's just have fun. It's all right. I'm burning up. We gotta go. Okay? I mean, we gotta go. I'm gonna get some water. We gotta go soon! What happened to your shirt? We were there for nine hours! But we were only gone for seconds!

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