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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BBC Radio 3 FM 93

BBC Radio 3 FM 93, Online BBC Radio 3 FM 93 Radio internet, BBC Radio 3 FM 93 UK Radio
David, think about what you're saying! The machine has given us everything! We can't just get rid of it! It's bigger than just us! Don't you see that? I'm going. You are not thinking clearly! We can't go back to the way things were before! Quinn, don't you get it? The only way to fix this is to destroy everything. Dude, people know who we are. I've never had that. Quinn, I need you to trust me, okay? This is the Atlanta Police Department. Open up, please. Quinn. Okay. We're looking for David Raskin. Just be careful, dude. Open up, please. You guys go to the back. If anybody finds this, I want you to know I didn't mean to hurt anybody and I didn't kidnap anyone. I was just Radio I just wanted a second chance. My name is David Raskin. And I built a time machine. Police Department! Break down the door. Oh, . Come on! Come on! There he is! Stop him! David Raskin, Atlanta PD! Oh, ! Oh, ! Oh, ! Oh, ! I see him! David, stop! Get on the ground, David! The suspect was last seen headed towards the school. You guys take the front. Stevens, come with me around the back. Let's move! Take the other side. Let's go. Oh, ! Suspect inside. Kick down the door. Kick down the door. Go! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! So you take my keys and you disappear forever. I need to go back to the beginning. The timelines crisscross Radio Ten years total. You look just like him. I won't be gone long. Promise? You think you'll go back to save him? Save him? Guys, I'm so sorry. Christina. Sweetie, I have to go. I have to go. What are you doing in my house? David? Hi, Dad. You figured it out. Yeah. I don't Radio I've got so many questions. We can't. I can't. We were wrong. There are no second chances. Are you okay? I'm going to be okay. Hey, Dad. Dad, are you down there? I think it's time for you to say goodbye to your son. I'm proud of you. Who were you talking to, Dad? Just a friend. He's here to fix something. Where are you going? It's my birthday. You caught me, pal. You know I wouldn't be leaving unless it was real important. I won't be gone long. Promise? Of course I promise. I'll tell you what. Why don't you Radio Time me. Time me. You guys ready for this? What is this? Did you just check out my ass? Yeah. It's yesterday! This song goes out to Jessie Pierce. He is pretty smart, huh? Stay out of my perfume. I'd go back and meet you sooner. "Before the world ends, I have to fall in love." I love you. What are you, sulking? God! You scared the out of me. I'm not sulking. Why are you up here? It's dumb. You know, there's this one last scholarship where I have to submit a proposal for an experiment and I thought maybe if I got it, Mom wouldn't have to sell the house. Dad must have a million ideas lying around up here. I don't know, Chris. I mean, I thought there'd be something up here. I can't find anything I can use. Hey, what is this? When did we get a video camera? It's right here. This is Dad's old camera. Did Dad have two old cameras? I don't know. Yeah. I guess. They both say "Property of Ben Raskin." Yeah, let me see. Weird. Do they work? Yeah, it's playing. When did we get a video camera? That's Dad's old camera. Remember that? Yeah. Hey, look, it still works. I mean, what the hell is he supposed to say to her? He can't just walk up to her and be like Radio Would you just be quiet? Are you trying to communicate with me Radio Telepathically. How did you know I was gonna say that? This is gonna sound crazy, but I think we're about to change the world.

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