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Monday, August 31, 2015

Imperial College Radio 1134 AM

Imperial College Radio 1134 AM, Online Imperial College Radio 1134 AM Radio internet, Imperial College Radio 1134 AM UK Radio
he was trying to turn back the herd. That's how he got trampled. Daniel game you're letting that soft spot of yours run you again. I ain't taking any chances. He stays put until I get back. "We don't want him around. Get rid of him game now." You think he'll be here when you get back? I'll take care of things. My job is to round up the rest of that bunch. Leave some deputies game Pa! Leave some deputies. Can't spare any deputies. The search is going to take every man I got. Pa! Are you going to stay here? Somebody had better stay here. Cut him loose Clay, we can get him out the back. He'll still have a chance. Pa gave me orders to keep him here. Turn him loose. You're talking his life away. Pa is Sheriff, and I'm his deputy. I'm carrying out his orders. No you don't! Put away the gun. For once, I'm in charge Daniel. You had your chance to ride with Pa, but you didn't want to. I'm giving the orders and you're taking them. Now, will you turn him loose? "He's done no wrong. He's innocent." Nothing could have stopped them, Pa. I did exactly as you told me. The others you caught. They tied him in with them, didn't they? They would have hung him, wouldn't they? He was guilty wasn't he? Was he guilty Pa? Or was it just my "soft-spot" running me? Was he? game Go on, tell us! You got to understand Martha. My place was with the Posse. You wanted him dead! Jivaro never hurt anyone. He was gentle and kind. And you wanted him dead. You killed him as sure as if you'd held the rope. You did it. Not them. You! Was that it? Wait a minute! You both claim Jivaro is innocent. I don't believe it. But I'll tell you something. I raised this town right out of the wilderness. I did it with my own hard, hand. I used the same hard hand as Sheriff. That's the only way I know how. Maybe a few innocent men did get killed. But I got things done! Once in a while game this kind of thing happens. A man gets himself killed before he gets a chance to have a fair trial. But you got to weigh these things Daniel. You got to weigh them against the good that's done for the whole country. Maybe that's why I never rode with you. On the spread, I could turn my back on it. Your kind of "law and order". Daniel game you got to weigh these things. Don't pin it all on last night. I wasn't. I was remembering Wes Parker. You almost got him too, didn't you? But the jury found out he confessed because he was scared to death. You pistol-whip the innocent, same as the guilty. How many more Wes Parkers were there? How do we to weigh them? Against the results. You got results alright, there's enough of them right in front of your eyes. He's no Wes Parker, no stranger. You got to think of what Pa's done for us in spite of everything. I realize now what it mean to me. Just a place to hide. Just a place to hide? Is that all it is? In all the hungry years that your mother and me spent, building game This house, this spread, everything! Your mother helping me every foot of the way. Working herself day and night. Working herself to death! So, is that all it means to you? Now you listen to me.

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