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Friday, August 21, 2015

Radio Jazz FM

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this kind of pulls at my heart Likelike i can't tell you. I really feel Like i'm at home now. well, none of them Are actually born in the south. yeah. you know? They're seen as theright Up there with stonewall jackson, And i thinki don't think any Of 'em are born there, you know? as far as being A southern band goes, whoever the guy that writes For the village voice That keeps saying that we may As well be from chicago, You know, He's really wrong. I mean, if he's expecting Cowboy hats and spurs And really twangy vocals, If that's his idea of Southern, then he's kind of He's really wrong. did you never call? i waited for your call these rivers Of suggestion are driving me away reckoning we recorded And mixed very fast so that we wouldn't try To make murmur part ii. you know, we'd go in there And we'd just knock out The basic tracks on first Or second take, all of 'em, And no matter how bad he plays. exactly. i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry you know, We did reckoning in days, Recorded and mixed it, And i don't think Any of us slept that whole time. It was really insane. michael was starting to Withdraw a little bit. We did make sure Michael was in a place Where he could be Completely free of any sense Of people prying on him Or pressure to perform. Those were problems, And those were things that we Had to address as areal issues In terms of Making a record. i was fasting The whole time. Those guys were drunk the whole Time, and it was crazy, And i was drunk, too, actually, Near the end, 'caused i couldn't take The fast anymore. I think i broke it With beer. if you lived in new york Or los angeles, you know, You'd hear whatever's hot And have to listen to it, And in athens, you know, It kind of all drifts by And you can pick out What you want to listen to. So it'swe just have This real amalgamated style. when i first started out, It'severyone, you know, Is like the post punk days, And everyone was playing Big stacks and marshalls, And it was like the ramones, And i loved all that, But i just didn't really feel That that was me. I didn't want to wear a leather Jacket and be like them, And i tended to go for something A little bit more folky And pastoral Or whatever, i mean, As far as guitar playing. what kind of music Do you consider yourself making? rock and roll, I guess. You know pure rock and roll? if you come up with a really Good phrase, we'll use it. We haven't found one That suits us yet. We used to say folk rock A long time ago. till everybody Else started saying it. before the folk rock revival Happened, And then all of a sudden There was a folk rock revival, And it was like, "oh, my god. We're part Of a movement." have you got A good expression for it? Rock and roll, is that is? rock and roll, yes. rock and roll. Yeah. I mean, reallythere really Isn'ti get Everyone's always trying To pin labels on everyone else, I guess, But it's rock and roll. [dissident guitar playing] was probably The hardest year That the band had. we were Overworking ourselves, And definitely Underpaying ourselves. I mean, we were making $ each a month.

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