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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Radio BBC Radio 2 88 FM

Radio BBC Radio 2 88 FM , Online Radio BBC Radio 2 88 FM Radio internet, Radio BBC Radio 2 88 FM UK Radio
Two good ones, one shitty one, and you started at zero, so if you were to stop smoking and drinking and eating so much shit, you would be unstoppable. Come here, girl. Yeah, I just think, you know, if you want to relieve loneliness, the dog is your only option. Who says I'm lonely? You can put your shirt back on. Yeah, you drank it all, you in' degenerate. Where the is that? Dude. Sorry. Hey, you know, we've just employed this amazing yogi. If you're interested, I can get you privates. Get me what? Privates, private sessions. You know you're supposed to have your knees apart when you do that, right? Kat showed me this. She said this was good for stress relief. Hey, listen. What are you doing tomorrow? You want to ride out to West Texas with me? I'm gonna go and meet Grigory Volkov. You know, he's in from New York. He's this amazing kettle bell master. I'm gonna be in New York visiting my ex-wife. He's on some holiday or something. You're what? You're gonna visit your wife? My ex-wife. Your ex-wife, right. How come? I think I'm gonna actually try to get back together with her. You don't think that's kind of going backwards or anything, do you? I mean games You know, I'm just games asking as your friend and as your trainer and stuff. I mean games I mean, sure, yeah. Go, go sweep her off her feet if that's what you feel, but as long as you're moving forwards. I'm just going to these events where all these rich women go down here, and games I just can't games my whole thing doesn't work with games I can't games You know, I'm sure Christine and I were ed up, but, you know, we made sense. No, no, man. Listen to what you're saying. "Maybe I should go back to something ed up"? That's ing stupid. I'm gonna take love advice from this guy. You're ed up. Man, the accumulated knowledge on the subject of women in this room. Did Kat really tell you to do that like that? Really? It doesn't look right. I think your knees are supposed to be apart. Have you talked to her? No, not since she quit. I think she's gone back to Dallas. No, she's still in Austin. How do you know that? 'Cause I Google her a lot. You Google her a lot. Kat. Okay, that's my cue. You're not driving anywhere, are you? Tell him not to drive, man. Yeah, go lie down somewhere. No, no, no. I got a lot of friends who are DUI lawyers. I'll give you games All right, I'll give you $ if you just go lie down somewhere. Pick a room. $. You got it. Yeah, yeah, all right. Just go lie down. Probably won't see you for a week. Now, don't games don't games choke on your own vomit or some shit. I already choked on your farts! You know, when I think about you and Kat, and, you know, I get it. I mean, she's games I mean, you know that you were just looking for another woman to torture you, right? Like your ex-wife did, probably like your mother did. Look games do yourself a favor, forget about the New York trip. Come out to West Texas with me. When we get back, you should just start dating some gorgeous young lovely thing who's gonna be nice to you. I know that sounds like a really weird idea, but games it'll be like a new workout routine, yeah? You'll games you'll get used to it. You'll learn it, and you'll love it. You learn it. You love it. Kat was a non-starter, I can guarantee you that. I figured that much out. Yeah, me, too. I was practically in love with her. In love games you loved her? I mean, we had this affair with each other when she first started working for me. It just didn't last very long, and it was obviously highly unprofessional. And I wouldn't games I wouldn't let myself get into that situation again, you know, but games I'm really thankful that I got to know her 'cause I think she's a really games she's a really special chick, you know. it all. I am also thankful that she walked out of my life and my business before she burnt the whole lot to the ground. What did Paul say? "The accumulated knowledge of games the accumulated games " "The accumulated knowledge of women in the room." Yeah, the accumulated knowledge of women in this room. Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny? Mate, what are you doing? You're drunk. You can't lift weights when you're drunk. And you're stoned. You'll bloody crack your skull open if you dropped that on your head. Why don't you just go to bed? Just go and lie down. You said you loved her. Well games I'm sorry I never said anything. I mean games it's weird, right? The whole thing's weird, and, you know, like I say, unprofessional. Does she love you? I don't have anything in common with her except depression and a couple of abnormal kind of behaviors. that, man. You games you love someone, you don't throw it away like it's nothing. Go and have great-looking kids with her who give %. You're my friend, Danny. I don't know why I didn't say anything. No, I don't think so, not anymore. Get out of my house. Get out of your house? Get out of my house! Get the out of my house. What are you talking about? You're on my property. This is Texas. I am allowed to shoot you. I bought guns. They're around here. All right, all right, all right, all right. I'm going, all right?

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