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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Radio LCR Campus 1350 AM

Radio LCR Campus 1350 AM, Online Radio LCR Campus 1350 AM Radio internet, Radio LCR Campus 1350 AM UK Radio
unstable Like they say, there will be a stable time The house I sold a flat $ Two years after prices doubled several times The couple bought here last year, Right now and why he sell it? He was unemployed You already know the right These are just like the surface The left side of the house is almost a lot of people who want to buy a house I have to say it was your idea How do we want? I have to talk to my wife this was decided by her In fact, what is your recommendation for people? Yes, of course with the Guy like me Then the bank over there how? This is still under discussion among us, not easy to handle It should be more complex How much do you lend month? About Four years ago it? - I did not do this yes ah Such a situation you have? almost I'd say ninety percent High interest a few years ago Is very high it recently changed is it? I think I did, but and you think there is a future? We are engaged in private credit No income, there is no work, no way Such a thing can be understood I think we can understand those companies are okay If I were the loans Friday Bank Monday noon to know Yes Can you wait? Why should they be honest they did not have They Craps People know what they bought it? I think this kind of thing is not what know They do not understand these they silly Yes you do not say anything? In fact, they do not understand I am a businessman Ok I rely on the interest spread money But I can also do some account Believe me, I will not easily adventure We need to see this line ready cash I think Warren Buffett said this who is Warren Buffett? Well, you mean the dark with coming? Yes You do not need to tell them so clear Let us join? Of course I can introduce you to game What, I can not hear We have a contract that is You'll tell the company of your career? Yes, we need You can touch me good Only VIPs can you said before it is not so You have more than one property? We all do what? It is so But we can receive into this Is you negotiated, right? Yes, that's right You can not move it, I still give you money Sorry, not allowed Well, if the economic downturn You would not be able liquidated Then you would be unable to pay the mortgage for those Then you will lose the drain I'm not an economist To be honest, your broker lied to you double I am a person of what do you think? You have to divide and partners I am not engaged in financial Hey, it is foam how do you know? Believe me, this one is absolutely true Have to be careful you sure? Yes, absolutely bad what bad? Everything is worse your phone How do you like it there? I have this little problem How did you do that? No kidding I said seriously Why do you play us in the end? I did not, I was helping you I absolutely support your I tell you, this one is definitely possible Relax, there is big business too I still have many things to deal with We have to solve these problems as soon as possible To me, the price of our own open You'd better do as I say we will not lose this But you do not earn that much before We will be a win-win situation Now we have to seize the opportunity

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