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Friday, March 25, 2016

Radio Ar FM

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Let's make a trade. What, you fancy her an' all? in' no chance by the way, wee man. Let's swap T-shirts. I really love yours. Take mine. You take my Sandino T-shirt. You want this T-shirt? You want my radio ing no problem. Take the T-shirt. You wear this with pride, son. You give me this? Sí. Mi camiseta. I'll in' wear that wi' pride, I'm telling you. Sandino. Sandino. I know Sandino. That's radio oh, great. Just watch. . Harry! George, no! Come back! Listen, I'm erm radio You wanted me to be honest with you and erm radio I have to go back. But I want you to come with me, you know, and we can take the baby. The three of us can go back. I don't care. Antonio's kid? Yes. Do you know where he is? I do now. He live with Bradley in Esperanza. Look, Carla, I don't understand, you know. I don't understand. I mean radio Do you want to be with Antonio? Do you love him? I don't know. I have to go back. I'm going to go to Estelí, to the hostel. And I'll stay there for one day. OK? I want you to come because radio I just can't take all this killing, you know? It's ing chaos. I wish the baby eas mine. George. Carla. How are you? Did you tell him everything? No. En media hora en Estelí. Later. To Estelí? George, let me buy you a drink! I don't want all off of you. Come on, my Jeep's busted. I'm stuck here and we need to talk. Why the did you lie about Antonio? Come on! You ing lied to me. Please, just come on. So what am I gonna get this time, Goldilocks and the three ing bears? Come on. Why can't you just tell me the truth? Say when. When, when. Tell me the truth. Ok. Plain and simple. They caught Antonio in an ambush, tied his hands behind his back and cut out his tongue with a knife. And then when he was lying there, they smashed his spine with rifle butts. Plain and simple. in' animals. Animals, no, no. They're all in' animals. The ones that came here last night are in' scum. Do you think they make this up as they go along? Kid, grow up. It all came out from Langley. It was worked out ahead of time from Langley in' Virginia. Know where that is? It's the headquarters for the CIA. Central Intelligence Agency. American. Jesus Christ, look at this. The in' Nicaraguans came last night. Kid, that's right. One of those Contras had this in his pocket. You tell me how he got this. A satellite photo. Taken by US planes. All right, look at this. School, school, school. That is, I think, a healthcare centre for sure. That's a farm co-op, OK. Now, wait a minute. Now, these are attack plans those s had for last night. They're right here, OK? This is here, all right? They came in here right over there between those sandbags. These are the two targets. Shit, you don't need to look at this. It's right in front of you, what's left of the school, what's left of the healthcare centre. Military targets radio The CIA, kid, runs this whole show. They run the whole in' thing. There is no Contras, there is no war without 'em. You tell me what happened to Carla. Did they rape her? No. Did they? No. When he was lying there radio paralysed and choking on what was left of his tongue radio We're talking about Antonio, OK? They poured acid all over his face. Oh, Jesus. George, George, George, George. George, listen to me. You know who watched all of this, don't you? Oh, . God. Oh, Jesus, . Is, er, Carla radio ? Carla's left for Esperanza, to see Antonio. Carla? She's here? I was surprised to see you, I thought you'd left already. , she's no' here, Carla? She's gone. Antonio? Antonio. Oh, shit. Anyway, she left a letter for you. Carla? Sí. In case you come back. OK. OK. Oh, shit. I'm really sorry about what happened between you two radio She's not right. She's no' well. I need to find her. Thank you. I hope it all goes well for you. Hey, Bradley! Bradley! You need to help me, man. She's in Esperanza. She's gonna in' do herself in. George, what is this? Carla went to Esperanza to see Antonio. She's gonna kill herself. I need your Jeep. It's busted. I told you. Piss! in' bus radio Jesus. Hey, George! George! George, what the are you doing? What are you doing? Kid! Hey, hold on! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on, you er, move. George, second house on the left. My place is at the end, that's where Antonio is. OK. OK. Hi. Hi. Are you OK? Do you remember these? "This song radio is special to us. Altogether ask what's that. I touch him once. Just once. " OK. Come on. Come with me. Please. You have to go yourself. Come on. Hey, wee man. Perfecto-ing-mente. Uh, she wanted you to have this. Aye. So er radio what did you do? CIA, Juticalpa, ' to ', Honduras. You? Bus driver, double-deckers, number , Glasgow. All this stuff, man, it's hard to believe, eh? Hard to believe, George. Ah, parting gift. Hey, Bradley.

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