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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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him. I game I didn't tell anybody. Not one person in all these years. I don't want game I don't want to go jail. No one's going to jail, Jessie. No one is going to jail. Jackson! Stop! I'm sorry that I got you into this. I'm sorry that I left. You can't do this to me. Jessie game I'm just game I'm just tr game I mean it. You got to stay out of my life. There are lies we tell to make ourselves feel better. About who we are. About what we're capable of. This body we commit to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Amen. We all wanted to move on with our lives. To forget what happened to us. Bye, baby. Love you. But the past is never the past. If it were, there would be no tragedy. Detective. What's going on? Darryl Williams died this morning. I'm sorry to hear that. He wasn't in the hospital. He was at home. We found him on his kitchen floor with three bullet holes in his chest. Just wondering if you gentlemen might know anything about that. Well, we were thinking Benjamin if it was a boy. Really? Hell, no!! If it's a girl, maybe. Voight, Voight, you want to run over him for me? Believe me, sir. We've tried. Baby, babe. What? A little problem in the nursery. Alright, so six cameras, right? One, two, three, four, five, six. Why is that too much? Ye , maybe. Ye , it's too much. and I thought that. They're baby gifts from the guys. I'll take them down. All we need .. Is one baby monitor. One baby monitor, right. Okay, And a kevlar mattress. and a kevlar mattress.. Come here, Unhand me. Never Guess who just got the next week off. Oh, don't toy with me, young man, cause there will be consequences. We're finishing this nursery. I can't believe it's taking me this long. Paint samples. What? Ye . Oh, I gotta show you this amazing paint. Can I get a shower first? Not yet. -- Kanye West‘s new album Life of Pablo is now available on torrents -- --Ye , UFC too, McGregor finally shut his big mouth. STOCKTON Slap! -- Sir, Speaker of the House is waiting, and the Senate Majority Leader would like five of your time. h, hhmm, I'll take him first. When is Trumbull getting back? The Vice-President has three more days of vacation and insinuated considerable violence if he heard my voice before then. Never get between that man and a fish. Sir, I got your son on video-chat. Excellent. He had his first date last night. Mr. President, you need to take this, sir. Sir, Speaker of the House? You need to take this now, sir. This is the President. Okay, thank you. Sources confirmed that British Prime Minister James Wilson has died while sleeping in his residence at Downey Street. He is believed to have suffered a heart attack. Possibly, from complications after the surgical procedure to repair his knee a day earlier. An autopsy has been scheduled within the next hours. To determine the actual cause of death. It's the White House. It's okay. My mom can come over. LONDON Whitehall Cabinet Office UK The Joint Committee on Security UK take place this Thursday, the th, : PM, at St. Paul's. Minister of the Interior Rose Kenter world leaders, with the lone exception of the Russian president, Well, no love lost there. Head of Scotland Yard Kevin Hazard private services in St. James's Palace the morning of Chief Of Counter-intelligence: MI John Lancaster .. Jordan, Saudi Prince Moochrin, Yes, it's a logistical nightmare. But let's make sure this runs without a hitch. Questions? And what special requests did the ?? circus demand so far? Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, part of the ?? possibly? That's a request I can get with ?? I'm partial to the Kardashians, myself. As apparently is Her Majesty. special requests from different countries. We denied all of them. Any issues or special concern with our current assessment? We all know about he or so British nationals who have traveled back and forth to Syria in the past year, As we've seen before in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Of rising concern is the handful we believe to be former military. Is any of this actionable? No. Very well .. then we send off our dear friend James, with dignity. Give him a ceremony he deserved. Sir, Are you ready for us? Ye , come on in. Take a seat. Head of the Secret Service Lynn Jacobs What are you guys so damn nervous about? The Brits are world-class. We all know their reputation. But still, These are the trips I hate. Last minute, out of the country, no time to plan. Are you sure I can't talk you out of this? Lynn, it's a state funeral. They're our oldest, strongest ally. Alright. I spent half the night on the line with our advance team. Metropolitan Police will secure the parameter of the funeral around St. Paul's Cathedral. Air Force One will land at Stansted Airport London On the ground, it's all Mike. Touch down. Then a -minute chopper ride to Somerset House. From there we take an armoured vehicle escort down Sweet Street .. to the Cathedral You don't seem thrilled. The British have their

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