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Friday, September 23, 2016

AL Public Radio 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa

AL Public Radio 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa, Online AL Public Radio 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa Radio internet, AL Public Radio 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa ABD Radio
Yes? She's here. It's about time, too. et's have a ook at her. Mustache again, I daresay. Sweaty armpits. Go easy on her. I'm running out of agencies. Popinjay! She's for me. Remember that. Come in, gir. My unc e doesn't ike peop e to stand too c ose to him. We , what kept you? Waiting a day. Bad start, bad manners. I'm sorry, I need s eep. My patient di ast night. Di on you? You ki them off, do you? We , you won't get me. Who to d you to switch off? Carry on. ouder. I understand you have an injur hand. May I ook at it? Tomorrow wi do. Name? Maria Marce o. Foreigner! No wonder! eft it to you! You wash regu ar y, Miss, um Radio Yes, Mr. Richmond, I wash regu ar y. It is necessary in my job. That's a right, then. Sme s good. None of that goat's cheese nonsense, thank God. No mustache. Te her what she has to know. Nephew. We've met. What? Met? I was inspect this morning. I thought you'd ike me to interview Miss Marce o persona y, Unc e. Don't fancy your taste in women. I' show you to your room. ouder! ouder! I can't hear. Difficu t case. Difficu t patient. But I do hope you' stay. I'm in no hurry. Your chef is good? Ex-Savoy. I' have something sent up. Thank you. The nurse's room. It a ways is the nurse's room. I'm afraid it's the best we can manage. When I have eaten, I wi take another ook at the patient. We , you heard what my unc e said. Tomorrow wi do. You know, your photograph doesn't do you justice. My photograph? Is that important? Appearances are very important in a nurse. I had to pick carefu y. You see, there have been mistakes in the past. But I'm sure we've made no mistake this time. Ah! minutes at the agency. You don't know me. You're wrong there, Maria. I know quite a bit about you. Your background, your past. My private ife has nothing to do with you, Mr. Richmond. My unc e is not an easy man to hand e. He is us to getting what he wants. Exact y what he wants. No, it requires tact and a great dea of patience. And I'm sure you have the necessary qua ifications to Radio I'm a train nurse and I am us to difficu t patients. That's a you ne to know about me. Good night, Mr. Richmond. I hope you' be very comfortab e, Maria. iving at Foxhurst does have its points. Rea y? You know, you don't ook ike a nurse. I assure you I am. But I doubt if it's a nurse you require. I can assure you we do. Good night. Good night. More comfortab e than eating in your room, eh, Miss, uh Radio More forma , certain y, Mr. Richmond. You disapprove of forma ity, Miss Marce o? Or do you object to my servants, perhaps? Know why I use them? I' te you. They serve. Hundreds of years of waiting on the white man. In their b ood, service. Thing of the past for us. Everybody is a master. No sense of duty anymore, no respect. A negro may no onger know his p ace here or in America. But in Africa, you can sti find some who do. Eh, Thomas? Mmm. Fine, primitive creature, Thomas. No aspirations, no education, but he knows what's what. Don't you, boy? As you see, Miss Marce o, My unc e has so v the servant prob em in his own inimitab e manner. He treats his servants ike dogs, and his dogs ike servants. Yes, just as wou d he, Miss Marce o. Observe those i y-white hands, if you p ease. Good for nothing except driving Jaguars and seducing women. Don't you wish you cou d sti do either, Unc e? augh! Go on! ike your father, aughing boy. You wi ive ike him and die ike him, shuff ing for shi ings. Mr. Richmond, I don't think you ne my services any onger. Your hand is quite hea ed. You' a ow me to decide that, Miss Marce o. You' eave when I te you. But you don't rea y ne me. I'd prefer to go somewhere where I cou d be usefu. Some dreary suburban accouchement, I suppose. Don't you think it might be more profitab e ooking after me? I get paid the same rate by everybody. You're a hypocrite, Miss Marce o. You know damn we I can pay you ten times more than anyone e se. I on y require my norma rate, if you don't mind. We , we' see about that. You wi stay. Understand, since my wife di years ago, I seem to suffer from a ack Radio A ack of feminine company. Agreeab

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