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Monday, November 7, 2016

EasyMix Radio Sydney

EasyMix Radio Sydney, EasyMix Radio Sydney online radio, EasyMix Radio Sydney internet radio fm... Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't come in here, buddy, there's glass. I got you. Thanks, Aiden, you can go up to your room. What? Oh, nothing Games you just reminded me of your mother just then. Lynn, was that you? I've missed you, John. Hey, there! Good morning! I'm Melissa, I live next door. I'm John, I'm the new homeowner. I meant to stop by and welcome you guys to the neighborhood Games But my father's been such a handful. Is everything okay? He has a lot going on right now. I'm watching after him. Okay. He had a stroke a while back and he hasn't been the same since. Mix that with dementia Games And well let's just say he's a lot to handle. That's terrible. I'm Games I'm really sorry. Yeah, I know, it's Games it's sad. It's hard, but I get through it. I saw your kids running around the other day. Cute little things! I'd love to meet your wife. She recently passed. I'm still learning how to say that. Oh, I-I am so sorry to hear that. It's okay. Please! If you ever need help with the kids Games Or if you just need some time alone Games I'd be happy to watch them. Thank you, I appreciate that. Look at us, first time we meet and we're exchanging sob stories. You know what? I'm gonna bake up a cake Games And bring it over to you guys. Oh, no, no, that's not necessary. I'm right next door, if you need anything. I'm just so happy this old house finally sold. Um, how long has this house been empty? Well, I don't know if it's ever been empty. What do you mean by that? Oh, I've just seen some mice coming from it. You might want to keep an eye. Yeah, I'm sorry about that! I'll check into it. Maybe Games maybe I'll get a cat. Oh, no need to apologize, it's not your fault. Anyway, I should get back to my father. Uh, nice meeting you. Aiden, Victoria Games time to get up! Jeez, didn't expect you guys to be up. You're never up this early. What's for breakfast? I'm gonna make oatmeal. Aiden, what do you feel like? Eggs. Eggs, you got it, coming up. How do you like em', bud? Sunny or scrambled? Scrambled. You got it! Hm. Um Games

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