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Sunday, December 4, 2016

WJNZ Robertsdale

WJNZ Robertsdale, Online WJNZ Robertsdale Radio internet, WJNZ Robertsdale USA Radio not to reveal. I understand Radio , they've spotted me. You guys get going. I will answer your questions in an orderly fashion. Please. Did you get them? Yeah, this is the best I could do. You'll be meeting Tibbo in five minutes. On the skybridge opposite the large mall. I've met a lot of astonishing people in my life, but you Radio Okay, laddie, off you go. I won't let you down. You'd make a ty journalist without a camera. You sure? Okay. That's a pretty good idea. Thanks. Oh! You don't want to leave your luck behind. Oh, I think I'd like you to have that. Thanks. For everything. Thank you. I have a van on the street. NSA leaker Edward Snowden has now been charged formally with espionage, theft and conversion of government property. US officials have asked Hong Kong to detain the former contractor on provisional arrest warrant. Snowden has been in Hong Kong since May. -Reportedly, on May th Radio Snowden has checked out of the luxury hotel in Hong Kong where he had been holed up. You might turn your eyes away. The Justice Department had to go to Interpol, so that Snowden, if he tried to cross a border, he could be intercepted and detained. So, again the Americans are now closing in. They almost certainly know where he is. They just need Hong Kong's approval to get him. The Hong Kong government does have an extradition agreement with Washington, but the ultimate decision Radio The big question here is: Where is he now? Thank you. This is Ed. Ed, Mayana. Welcome. These are good people. They won't talk. I've been handling their cases for years. They're like you. That's so nice. They're stateless. Yeah. So, we're waiting on the UN application for refugee status. Yeah. Just in case you're arrested, this is where you can call me. Yeah. Good. Thank you so much. You may not feel it, Ed, but you're not alone. His longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, an amateur photographer has not been heard from. It's believed she's in seclusion in her parents' home in Maryland and has been questioned by the FBI and remains under investigation. Ten days have now gone by as the world looks for Edward Snowden. Rumors have surfaced that a rich supporter is hiding Snowden somewhere in the Hong Kong hills in a private mansion. It is now confirmed that Edward Snowden has boarded a flight from Hong Kong to Moscow. The State Department is very disappointed in the authorities in Hong Kong for letting Snowden go. He was accompanied by a representative from WikiLeaks. Snowden is trying to make his way from Russia to Cuba and then to Ecuador for political asylum. Moscow airport officials say he won't be permitted to make his connected flight because the U.S. government has revoked his passport. The United States Secretary of State John Kerry is outraged that Russia is refusing to arrest the American fugitive. Now a man without a country is stranded inside the Moscow airport. No, I'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a year-old hacker. The president of Bolivia's plane was forced down in Austrian airspace today on U.S. suspicions that Snowden may have been on board. After days at the airport hotel, he slept with his Russian lawyer and a legal adviser from WikiLeaks, Sarah Harrison. He can now enjoy all of the the sweet, sweet liberty allowed under the regime of president Vladimir Putin. There is still a thing called execution. Mr. Snowden actually deserves aslyum and protection around the globe but he does have asylum in Russia, at least. He can engage in the debate he started. And the world now has an example that you can do the right thing. You don't have to end up in a cage, one room, a prison. After more than a year in the country under temporary asylum Edward Snowden has received a three year residency permit in Russia. And now, here, live from Moscow, Edward Snowden. Hi, Ed. How are you doing? Thank you. Uh, forgive me if I get my bearings a little bit here. People always said I was kind of a robot. How is it that you came to be in Russia? Well, I never intended to come here, you know. My passport was revoked on route to Latin America,

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