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Saturday, December 24, 2016

WTDR-FM Thunder 92.7 Talladega

WTDR-FM Thunder 92.7 Talladega, Online WTDR-FM Thunder 92.7 Talladega Radio internet, WTDR-FM Thunder 92.7 Talladega USA Radio sober living house, and I thought we should be there for him. Hi. Don't do this to me. Do what? Hi. If you want, I can arrange for you to fly back. Here you go, sir, you want a burger? Yes, please. There you go. Yes? Hey, Drake, I'm all packed. So anything I need to sign or what? Just a minute. Hey, I wanted to congratulate you on moving forward to the next phase of your Changes Ahead treatment program. Thank you. Now, uh, where are those dotted lines, huh? Hold on, hold on, all right? We gotta debrief. It's part of our discharge procedure. Great. Debrief the out of me. Okay, um, do you have someone responsible to transport you to our sober living facility? Absolutely. Come on, it Pass the blunt Come on, motherer, said pass the blunt He's very responsible. Fine. If you'll just sign here, and you're all set. Okey-dokey. Well, it's been real, Drake. You, uh, have fun holding down the fort, okay? Oh, I will, Charlie, and unless you're a speed reader, I'm sure you missed the part about fraternizing with people from this facility and how it applies to when you leave here as well. Yeah, shouldn't be a problem. Good, good. But just in case, I went ahead and let your, uh, sober living house know about your friendship with Eva. I let her house know as well. Friendship during sobriety, not a problem. Romance, however Radio tends to get in the way. But like you said, that, uh, shouldn't be a problem, should it? Yeah, right. Good luck. So, you're finally free. How do you feel? Actually, not that ty. Can you just say "good" like a normal person? Normal people don't move into halfway houses. Let's get the outta here! An all-girls halfway house. I think you might be on to something. You're an idiot. What? Pussy island. Dude, this is not some slutty sorority, okay? You don't just fall asleep with a boner and wake up with a girl on top of you. She knows you're coming? Yeah. You texted her? Yeah, yeah, I told her I'd come by right after I got out. You told her you're making a beeline here? Oh, dude, so desperate. Stop. It's too eager. Stop. Can you just wait in the car? Please? Fine. Remember, less is more. Hi. Can I help you? Yeah, uh, I'm just Radio I'm looking for somebody. Are you Charlie? Yeah. Eva will see you at a meeting. No, I just wanted to say hi Radio Have a great day. Fat whale! Hey! You know, you shouldn't talk about whales like that, they're an endangered species. Go around and wait for me, okay? Yeah? Hey. Hey. Who's that? Oh, that is my piece-of- best friend. Well, I thought I was your best friend. You're such the comedian. Just with you. So, are you gonna break me out of here? Well, I thought, um, now that we're both out of in-patient, and Radio and we have some free time, and, you know, uh, I was just thinking that maybe we could Radio I think Radio Can I have your number? God, our first time on free soil and you're asking for my number? Yeah. What, what's the matter? You don't wanna give it to me? Not now. Do you have a pen? Tapping that must've been a nice perk. I haven't. What? Yeah. What are you talking about? Are you just not making the moves? No, no, no, no, no. It's a rehab thing. Like, we'd get tossed. Oh. That's bull. Yeah, tell me about it. Men each other in prison all the time. What's the harm? Right? Yeah. It gets in the way of your recovery. Maybe they're trying to motivate you, you know? I mean, Radio I'd do all steps in like a week to hit skins with a girl like that. You're an asshole. Why am I an asshole? Oh, because I wanna your girlfriend? Yeah, yeah, it might be that. Wake up at :, then morning chores, breakfast, then inspection. You miss anything, you get a mark. Being at out-patient comes with more freedom but more responsibility. You can come and go as long as you sign in and out. So, I can just leave? To the gas station or the market, but there's a : curfew, and you'll be given random urine tests. And if you fail Radio You'll keep it between us, right? Yeah? If you work hard and follow the rules, in about a month, you'll be eligible for an overnight pass. Okay. Um Radio there's still group

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