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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

104.3 Fm KTOO

104.3 Fm KTOO , Online 104.3 Fm KTOO Radio internet, 104.3 Fm KTOO USA Radio Add to your site. Need info about a particular one. this is a small post office,there are no post boxes here. You said someone else was also asking about the post box right ? Who was it ?Actually I am trying to meet him. Found the forwarding address from Ooty. He has given the responsibility on a trust, I cannot do it without his permission. It is very important for me to talk to him. I will ask him, if he says ok, I will tell you. Okay, until then I will come everyday to bug you. If a girl with moon like face comes to meet, it is never a problem. you are a poet! What is that mark on your face, did you take part in Bootha dance ? It should be from my bike. I think I should take bath everyday after riding bike. Take a car man, stop riding the bike. Indu Suwarna.. When did you see your wife last time ? Yesterday evening, at around o clock. From how many years are you married ? years Did you both fight recently? No Do you have her recent photo ? No Any other picture of her ? She did not like getting photos. Not even marriage pics? Everything got destroyed in our old house gas explosion. Are you telling me a fairy tale ? okay.. what was she wearing when you last saw her ? Yellow color kurta. who else is there in your house ? Noone, an old lady called Manjakku stays near our house, with her daughter in law, Girija. They look after our house. Was there anyone with you when you last saw your wife? My driver, Rafeek. We went to the clinic together. Aye, come here. Do you have to do something with the woman missing from Kamaruttu house ? I swear I do not know anything about it. I am just their driver, you can ask your driver. Did you take him to the doctor that day? Yes, that lady was not feeling well.. so How was her face when you saw her last time. Like was she frightened ? I don't know that. She was sleeping inside the house. Do they both fight with each other ? Hmmm. She is pregnant right, so she never used to come out of the house. But Anna was telling that she gets sick very often. You may leave, Come near the station when I call you. Me ? okay sir okay. What did I do? I am innocent as a baby. Call the old lady, I need to question her. She is blind and deaf, she does not understand anything. And your husband ? He died years back. What do you know about Kamaruttu house and that lady. Why!? Did he do something to his wife!? What do you mean ? Just asked. That guy was little weird. He roams around here and there. How about his wife ? I don't know. I went to clean their house couple of days back. But I did not see anyone at the house. You may leave now. Did you find anything about my wife inspector ? You will not get your wife. Just go home. Do not speak so irresponsibly. Do you want some more punches? I just want to know about my wife. If she is lucky she would be in heaven or else in hell. Is she dead?!! Yes, she is dead.. "The End" Indu Suvarna, she died in an accident near Bulerikatte. When did this happen ? Where is her body ? You should know it. You are the one who cremated her. She has been dead for years now. Are you kidding ?!! She was with me all along. You are the one who is kidding here. I questioned everyone. Nobody has seen your wife except you. So I investigated about it. I think we are not dealing with a police case here, it is a mental case. She died years back. She is just there in your mind. Advice that Colonel Babu not to shoot on everyone he sees. Call Colonel Babu here! Don't worry about that reporter . He doesn't know anything. He is not even a reporter actually. He is some sort of freelance write. Are you out of your mind? Why did you shoot that mad guy ? I am sorry. For him, his hand works before his mind. He thinks that this guy has done something to his wife. Be careful. He is searching for you. Dont get caught. Gautham, you should stay strong You should think what should be done now. Gautham, When we lose something close to us, Our mind make us believe that we still have it. We cannot identify the what is real and what is not. See Gautham, I agree that the inspector is a rude guy. But what if everything he told was true. Just think about it. How is it possible that nobody has seen her in this small village. One guy has seen her. Who!!? Rafeek... Where is Narnu's house ? Narnu's?.. Why Anna ? Take me to his house. go fast. This is Narnu's house. Hello... Is someone home ? Anna, Naarnu was acting all weird from days. That women was his wife. Now even she has gone crazy. Where is Naarnu ? He died just hour back! What!! How??! He got bit by a snake. From days he was acting as if he saw a ghost. long back he had got sick once, after seeing a ghost. How many more sacrifices would that Guddada Bootha want ? Sorry, I thought you as someone else. I mean, I was fighting with someone. I thought you were him. Why were you fighting him ? My wife is missing from days. He is the reason for that. Are you married ? How would I have a wife without getting married? Yes, I am married , from years. My mistake. I was asking you nonsense questions. Where shall I drop you ? My car is at the same place, drop me there. One minute, I think this is yours.

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