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Monday, May 29, 2017

KAYO 100.9 FM Wasilla

KAYO 100.9 FM Wasilla, Online KAYO 100.9 FM Wasilla Radio internet, KAYO 100.9 FM Wasilla USA Radio ladies and gentlemen. Hungry? Let's start the bidding with lot number one. Ravenous. Do I hear $,? Ten! Now you know what those silver balls do. $,. $,. Going once, going twice... Sold! That's a great start, ladies and gentlemen. Now, lot number two, a week's vacation at a luxury chalet in Aspen, Colorado, donated by Mr. Christian Grey. Mmm. Let's start the bidding off at $ ,. $ ,! Thank you, ma 'am. $ ,. I didn't know you had a place in Aspen. I have a lot of places. Boy, we have some ski lovers in the room tonight. $,! $, . Thank you, sir. ? $,. $,. Thank you. Do I hear ? ? . $, . Thank you, sir. A week of luxury in America's finest ski resort. $,. New blood! $, I am bid. Do I hear $,? That money was for you. And now it'll go to someone who needs it. I don't know whether to worship at your feet or spank you. $, . Going once... I think... Going twice... ...I'll take option two. Sold! To the young lady in silver. Your generosity really makes a difference, ladies and gentlemen. Let's go. You want this? I want you to spank me. Hands. If it gets too much, you have to tell me to stop, understood? Yes. Hold still. I want you to come, Ana. Come for me. Is this your room? Once upon a time. Who's this? Is that your mother? You know you can just say you don't wanna talk about it. Yeah, I don't wanna talk about it. Let's go. They'll be missing us. Uh, I just need a minute. I'll meet you downstairs. Okay. Don't forget your mask. ...under my skin I'd sacrifice anything come what might For the sake of having you near What? Nothing. ...comes in the night And repeats and repeats in my ear Don't you know, little fool You never can win Christian has a date. I'm impressed. I'm sorry? Elena. I wanted to meet you. I can't say the same. Excuse me. Hey, I'm not the enemy. I know what you did to Christian. All I did was lead him to the truth of who he really is. Without me, he'd be in jail or dead. And he would say the same. I'm not listening to this. Do you think you're the first woman he'd hoped would save him? He needs a Submissive in life. Not just in the bedroom. No, he's changing that. It's not what he wants anymore. But it's what he needs. And you don't strike me as the type of woman who wants to be owned. If you really wanna make him happy, if you wanna be happy, you'll let him go. There's no way that someone like you could ever understand what we have. I've been there. Nothing lasts. Nothing. Whatever happens between me and Christian is none of your goddamn business. So you stay the away from us. Hey, we should think about going soon. I wanna go now. What did Elena say to you? Nothing I didn't already know. Will you just take me to my house? Stay with me tonight. Hey, wake up. We're home. Hmm. Sir? Stay here. We'll have the car towed. What happened? That's my car! What happened to my car? Check the apartment. Call me when it's safe. Yes, sir. Right away. Copy that. Smith, you stick with Mr. Grey. Where are we going? Christian? Do you think it was Leila? You really think she would do something like that? I really don't see why we can't just go back to your apartment. That place is like a fortress. There's no way she could have gotten in there. She shouldn't have been able to get into the garage, either. I'm not taking any chances. Good evening, Mr. Grey. Hey, Ed. The rest of the crew will be here in the morning. If something were to happen to you because of me... It won't. Nothing's gonna happen to me. Can I wash this off? Don't stray from the lines. Okay. Are these burns? Who did this to you? Go on, it's over. I know how difficult it is for you to open up to me and tell me these things. But it means the world to me. It means you love me. Yes, I do. So this is where your knot-tying expertise comes from. Good morning. Sleep well? I did. This boat is really beautiful. This is from my yard in Seattle. You built it? I had some help. It's called The Grace. After your mom? You sound surprised. Well, you're always so cool towards her. I owe everything to Grace. She saved my life after my birth mom died. Do you remember your birth mom? I try not to.

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