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Sunday, May 7, 2017

KCAW 107.1 FM Kake

KCAW 107.1 FM Kake, Online KCAW 107.1 FM Kake Radio internet, KCAW 107.1 FM Kake USA Radio You should be so lucky because the lawyerly exterior... don't let that fool you because inside I am, like, a complete animal. It's, like, bobcat. You know, it's scary. I can see that it might be. No. Look, I can bend like a pretzel. I'm serious. And I'm not talking the straight kind. I'm talking, like, the twisty kind. I think... I think... Twisty, salty type of pretzel. Because that's what men want, right? That is their dream. The twisty-bobcat kind of pretzel... that's what you want, and I bet I could give you a twisty-bobcat pretzel. Do you want it? You're a really good listener. GEORGE: Oh. Luce? Are you? Hello? Cormac! Help! GEORGE: I'll just get her upstairs. TONY: Think you can make it? No. No, let's put her somewhere else. Good. Good. TONY: Whoa. Whoa. GEORGE: There. All right. Good. She looks so peaceful when she's asleep. Like a doll. [SNORING] A doll with a sinus problem. We should put a pillow under her head. I think that helps. Good. [LUCY SNORING] Much worse. Interesting. Do you think we should change her clothes? Right. Don't know where that came from. GEORGE: Morning! Okay, not so loud. WOMAN: Hey. How are you, sweety? We didn't... Last... We didn't... It was a magical night. You made sounds I've never heard a woman make before. We didn't... Not physically, but spiritually, you were the best I've ever had. Oh. Whatever I did or didn't do or said or didn't say... it was all a little mistake. Well, nothing happened. That's a relief. I'm very busy. I have work to do. You stay there and relax. Okay, I'll see you later. NORMAN: Lucy! Jesus, careful. There's a June Carver to see you. June Carver, June Carver. NORMAN: She went to Harvard. Yeah, well, so did I. Now look at me. Norman. Norman. Norman. Norman! Sorry. She didn't have a strong background in property law. She's down from Boston. She only wants five minutes. Lucy. This is June Carver. Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you. You too. I don't have an appointment, so feel free to throw me out. Well, I have security on standby. Have a seat, please. Thanks. Did you have Criminal with Professor Rappaport? Oh, my God. I'm still shaking. Yeah. But I have to tell you, Miss Kelson, you are a legend there. Me? Editor of the Law Review. The articles you wrote on the Richmond case. You're an inspiration. Well, yeah, I... I don't have a strong background in property, but neither did you... and look what you've accomplished. Well, you know, not that much, really. I just... And there's this. I've never met Mr. Wade... but in Public Policy magazine he was interviewed... about the challenges of urban development and he said that... Is it ridiculous that I'm quoting this? No, not yet. "Architecture can shape a community and turn strangers into neighbors." The right design for a park makes people feel secure. A school building can be functional and beautiful... "so kids feel engaged instead of imprisoned." When I read that, it made me feel I'd be working for a cause... not just a company. Okay. You're hired. You're Mr. Wade. Someone has to be. Although, I didn't write that. Lucy did. No, you did. I remember being shocked. We've been working together so long it's hard to remember who did what. Sounds like an amazing team. George, do you mind...? I was saying how presumptuous it was of me to come waltzing in here... but Miss Kelson was nice enough to see me. They're calling from the Zoning Commission. June, why don't we set up a proper interview for tomorrow. It's all right. It's all right. I could finish up with June. You're not coming to the meeting? Have I ever come to the meeting? LUCY: Good point. Alrighty. GEORGE: Alrighty. Stupid plant. Do something with this, will you? Absolutely. The ficus is fired. Bye-bye. Bye. So tell me... Yes. First of all, you come from which...? JUNE: Harvard. I was just wondering, are we still on for the Mets game tonight? I love baseball. So are we still good? I'm a Red Sox fan, all the way. A Red Sox fan? Interesting. You obviously have a rich fantasy life which is a fabulous plus in this company. Okay, that means you're a Boston girl, probably a little bit Irish, Catholic...

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