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Monday, March 12, 2018

Heart Colchester

Online Radio Heart Colchester, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Sick with Justice, I just wanna feel you ,Black Lagoon OP I'm your angel, only a ring away ,Black Lagoon OP You make me violate you, no matter who you are! ,Black Lagoon OP It's all up to you, no one lives forever ,Black Lagoon OP Been burn in the hell, by all those pigs out there ,Black Lagoon OP It's always been hell, from when I was born ,Black Lagoon OP They make me violate them, no matter who they are! ,Black Lagoon OP {\blur\fs}Get down on your knees! Get a good head on your shoulders! ,Black Lagoon OP If it's for your guys, go to the end of the Earth ,Black Lagoon OP Do what you think, give it with dedication ,Black Lagoon OP I'll put out your misery! ,Black Lagoon OP You made a mess! For Christ sakes, this rotten world! ,Black Lagoon OP Shit out of luck! Go with my vision! ,Black Lagoon OP Light up the fire! Right on the power! ,Black Lagoon OP Weapon I have it all! ,Black Lagoon OP Weapon I have it all! ,Well? Are we out of the missiles' range? ,Seems like it. ,We're safe at this distance. Damn them. We'll keep our distance and observe. ,Come on. What the hell are you doing? Hey, are you all right? ,You said nothing about detonating it without any warning! ,What if we'd flooded the place? Your method is too violent! ,We can't be screwing around. ,The more we fuss the less time we have to do our job. ,Fine, but you could've said something to me ahead of time! ,How do you expect me to talk underwater? ,You could pay closer attention to what I'm doing. ,In any case, give me a signal or something before ,you do anything like that! ,B-Bones! Bones! ,Well yeah, there're gonna be bones. They're all over the place. ,Rock, this is a graveyard that people living on the surface have forgotten. ,It's where they reluctantly ended their lives ,when confronted by the Grim Reaper. ,No flowers or candles. No one comes and no one remembers. ,A sickening catacomb without any saints. ,I've never liked these kinds of places. ,It smells like something's rotten. ,If we stay too long, it'll affect our lungs. ,Hey, Revy. ,How do you think these guys felt while they waited down here?

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