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Friday, May 18, 2018

Classic FM 101.9

Online Radio Classic FM 101.9, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. First of all, you gotta trust in God. Okay, and then, when you're arguing, if becoming right becomes more important than being in love, then you just gotta let it go. Okay? Oh, preach! Hallelujah! Oh, and most importantly, girl, you have got to seduce your man. Whoo! You gotta make him think that you would do anything that them heifers out on the streets would do, and then some. So I have to do as much as them heifer? No, you gotta be... Better than heifer? Girl, just be the heifer, the ho, and all of that. Imma also give you the special recipe that I got for a very special cocktail. I call it the Stanky-leg Stankershet shot. Honey, I put this on Dingo every time we go a few days without, and baby, presto, change-o! Oh, cock-tail! I make a joke. Could that make John go back to secret garden? I've been whipping up that concoction for ten years. Okay? And I'm telling you, I damn near needed a hip replacement. You see why he walk with a stanky leg. He's not even pimp walking. Hell, he limp walking. You ready?

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