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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Online Radio BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Very few people know that my mother was born and raised in Louisiana. Louisiana! Surprise! Every summer, we used to go there, visit her family. And before we left the state, she'd take me out for barbeque. Yes, yes! To a little, old rib shack. That old shack that was... You had no idea. I do. And then I show up here and it's on your dinner table. Aww, that is amazing story. I hear they used to serve their ribs on the underground railroad as well. Yes, yeah, yeah, I think, Harriet Tubman had the number three... John Clancy... any man with that attention to detail deserved my endorsement for senator. Well, thank you, thank you, Richard, you won't be disappointed. You keep those ribs comin', then I don't suppose I will. Oh, absolutely, absolutely! Well, thank you, guys, so much for coming. Oh, and hey, if they're interested in franchising, I think we can all do some business. Absolutely, I can make a little money on the side. You two have a wonderful evening. Right. And please congratulate your daughter again for me.

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