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Saturday, August 11, 2018

MFM Radio 106.5 fm

Online Radio MFM Radio 106.5 fm, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Hi! Okay. Thank you. Hi, neighbor! Hi! I live next door. Yes, I know. I see you. I know. Well, we've been neighbors for three months but we haven't been introduced. Hi. You are Mrs...? Miss! Miss Adelaida Capinpin. But you can call me Aida. Oh, I'm sorry! I really am. My mistake. I'm a single mother. I got knocked up. The man is a bastard! He left me after I got pregnant. He left, just like that! He doesn't even send a single cent for monthly child support. He just abandoned me after having his way with me! Just like that! And his mother is just as terrible. Imagine, they wanted my son to undergo a DNA test... so they could know for sure if the child is his. Can you believe that? Goodness! Okay, I have to go. My kids will be heme from school any time. Bye. Hey, do you know that your kids and my boy go to the same school? Your daughter and my Ethan belong to the same class, St. Aloysius. Okay. Bye. Hey, do you like spaghetti? I have a recipe for it. I don't use catsup. Yes. My secret is bopis. Bopis. I add bopis to my spaghetti.

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