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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Classic FM 101.8 Blackpool

Online Radio Classic FM 101.8 Blackpool, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Hey, this is nice. Plastic flower. But I like it. I really like your house. Wow, it echoes in here. Thank you. Hey, thank you. For what? Fur inviting me inside your house. You're the first person in our neighborhood... to invite me inside the house. Okay. Do you want to see my house? Came! Hurry! No thanks. I'm not feeling well. Oh, I forget. Okay. Will you be okay? Yes. Thanks for the juice. No problem. Okay. Hey, guys! How's school? Where's our snack? What? Every time we come home from school, Mama has snacks prepared for us. Is that so? No problem. Here you go, guys. Corn flakes? Papa, nobody eats corn flakes in the afternoon. Everybody knows that's for breakfast. Okay, okay. There's nothing else here. What do you want? Ice cream. Do you want your mum to get angry? That's for dessert. Pancakes! We have ingredients for pancakes, Papa. Here? Papa, do you know how to make pancakes? Hello? Rod! How are you guys? Are you okay? We're okay. What tuck you so long to pick up the phone? I was cooking for the kids. You're cooking?

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