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Friday, December 7, 2018

Love 80's - DAB

Online Radio Love 80's - DAB, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Tel: 1244 391000 Yours? Maybe. Your story's been done. Who, me? Mamie Stover? Don't be silly. I've never talked to a writer in my life. Only the names and geography change, the people don't. Let's see, you're, uh, twenty... Six. Any family? My father, still lives in Leesburg. Well, that makes it simple. Back in , in , Mamie Stover was going to graduate from Leesburg High, the best-looking girl in her class, but not the happiest. Cinderella, but no gown, no coach. She never had any pretty clothes because her father, Tom Stover drank up the few bucks he made. Pop's name was Gus, and he didn't drink. He didn't do much of anything. But Gus Stover's daughter had one thing, her looks. The men said she was “hot as a smokestack.” And all this attention worried Mother Stover. Mom died a week before graduation. Who sponsored the beauty contest, Mamie, the Legion or the Elks? You make it sound like it happens every day. Well, it does. I worked newspapers that sponsored beauty contests. I know all about these shapely Cinderellas and their yearning hearts,

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