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Monday, December 31, 2018

Love Songs 247

Online Radio Love Songs 247, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. I don't believe her. Well? Well, I mean, no convictions. One more thing, the Bungalow is a respectable place. We sell drinks and dances and social entertainment. Is that understood? Yes. Well, Jackie, I guess your friend's hired. Dress her up properly and have her in the chicken patch minutes before we open. Yes, Mrs. Parchman. There'll be two more new hostesses. I want them to hear our rules at the same time. Come on, honey. Close the door. door opens, closes chattering Your attention, ladies. If you please, Harry. There are four don'ts. Break any one of them and you'll be running into me. Shiver, shiver, shiver. If any of you objects to obeying Mrs. Parchman's rules, we want to know it now. What's he gonna do, slap my wrist or something? Did you say something? You, Miss Stover? Who, me? No. No, sir. If any of you are the kind that has to have a boyfriend on the outside or if you're the kind that wants to chisel with some two-bit taxi driver or you think that you're good enough to mix with the island's blue bloods,

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