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Monday, January 14, 2019

Free Radio Birmingham

Online Free Radio Birmingham, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Tel: 0330 66 00 964 Reception: +44 121 566 5200 Address: Nine Brindleyplace 4 Oozells Square Birmingham B1 2DJ Thanks. Mister, you gonna quit making with the hands? Stop beefing. You got six bucks' worth of my tickets, haven't you? Quit it, jerk. You will have to behave, Mister. Are you gonna make me, four-eyes? If I have to. Stand back, honey, while I eat him alive. Go on, make it louder. Louder! music volume increases Don't go away. I'll get some more tickets! Hawaiian music plays Time for you. Ten tickets. Hello, honey. You waiting for Mamie? Jimmy. Yep. You sure surprised me. When did you turn brick-top? A couple of months ago. It sells lots more tickets. They've been calling me Flaming Mamie. You don't like it, do you? Sure. It's one of my favorite colors. Say, what about this hundred? Why did you return it? Some guys you just don't clip, that's all. Thanks. I like that. I hear this lonely hearts music a dozen times a night. We can do without that. Sit down. How have you been? Fine. You? I'm doing pretty good. buzzer Your time's up, Mister. And so is my money. Look, Mamie. Suppose I got a ticket back to the mainland with this hundred.

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