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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Rockabilly Radio

Online Rockabilly Radio, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Address: 55B Occupation Lane, Sheffield S12 4PS South Yorkshire 0114 264 1046 Remember, sell, sell, sell. Whiskey and champagne. Smile it up, you new ladies. Smile it up. Remember, smiles means money. Smiles means money. jazz music playing Hi. Good morning, Miss Annalee. Aki. Hi. I met the mailman. Oh, thanks. Coffee? Eggs? Bacon? Well, just coffee. My bulges won't allow two breakfasts. That's the wrong point of view. You bulge nice. Thank you. Open your mail. I'm not company. Just a bunch a bills. No, I peeked. The second one feels crinkly inside. It's from Mamie Stover, the girl on the boat. Well, there's $ I never expected to get back. Attractive way to send an invitation. You going? Of course not. Why not? Now, stop trying to unload me. chuckles That'll be the day. big band music playing Remember to watch your dough and don't let 'em clip you. Quit it, I've been around. When they start pressing for champagne, tell 'em it makes you belch, then order beer. big band music continues Excuse me, buddy. More tickets, Gladys. Gimme a whole strip. Come on, come on, hurry it up. Take it easy, Tarzan.

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