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Saturday, February 23, 2013

1480 KQAM

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1480 KQAM What's that? I'm studying. Then, do you want to ask each other questions? On what we're curious about each other? Sure, if you want to. You go ahead. An action may have unexpected positive or negative consequences to a third party but no money has been given for such action, do you know the negative consequence on that third party in such circumstances? Yes, it's called negative externality. Correct answer! My turn, isn't it? The media, such as newspapers, TV and radio, can have a special article, which they announce prior to their competitors. What is it called? Scoop Oh, correct answer. It's my turn, isn't it? Hey. 1480 KQAM Tell me, honestly. Why are you here? What? I put my faith in 'Yes, this is the one' company, the best matching service company... You're here for the money, aren't you? The money? I know all abou it. I'm right, aren't I? The reason you're staying here is money. You just couldn't leave, after you heard my family was rich? It's not that... How can you live your life like that? Honestly, college graduate women who register in those marriage service companies, it's obvious, isn't it? Aren't they auctionning themselves because they want to be sold to the highest bidder? It's because of people like you that we have begun to use the term 'wedding industry'. Is the purpose of marriage the creation of profits? I'm not the one who registered. That's what they all say. Their mother did it for them. 1480 KQAM My friend did it for me. Do you know the kind of woman I despise the most? Women like you, full of big fluffly unrealistic dreams. Women who think that going to a good school and getting married well are the best values in the world. But you've chosen the wrong man. I have no intention of taking after my father's business and I have no intention of getting my part of the heritage from the family. I didn't come out here because I wanted to be the daughter-in-law of some rich family. I have never thought of that and I am not slightly interested in that kind of money. Then why are you here? I told you. The best matching service company based on trust and devotion... When two people meet, it's because of destiny. Can you get a service for destiny as well? Let's go. I have another appointment. Han Pil-hoon ssi. What about you? You don't even have a job. What made you so confident to register at a wedding service firm? What? Apparently you have nothing but money to show off. And your twisted personality comes from that sense of inferiority. You tend to think 'She can't be here for me, she must be here for my money'. Am I wrong? What do you think you know about me? I don't. But I'll find it out. Sit down and let's talk for a bit. 1480 KQAM I have an appointment to go to. If you want to talk, you can come with me. If you don't want to, never mind. I really didn't think you would actually come with me. Are you into me? In your dreams. Then what? Are you going to study again? Oh, I didn't think of that. You don't have to study. Your father is a diplomat, isn't he? If he says the right word to the right person, you'll get a temporary job at the Ministry. 1480 KQAM And after a few years, they'll shift you to a regular position.