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Saturday, February 23, 2013

BBC Radio 5 live

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BBC Radio 5 live If things work out well, you must thank me, ok? No, I didn't mean in that way. He didn't bother me while I was studying. Hey! Are you crazy? Hey! Do you think studying while working and studying while on a date are the same thing? He was studying too. Both of you? You studied together? Give me my pay for the day. Well, neither of you are normal. But seriously, did you really study together? There's , won missing. You said you were going to pay me for my meal too. , won in total. I'm paying for your meal right now. You work so hard to make money, why haven't you graduated yet? Are you sure this is your last semester? Give me back , won. I don't have change. Hello? We do our very best to provide you with the best matching service. If you don't want to, never mind. Is she that great? Destiny comes like a thief in the night. Hello? Is this the NIS? Yes, you may talk. You know how when we call to report a spy, we get rewards? Is that after tax? Do you want to report a spy? My friend said that you deduce % for taxes. According to the national security law on people of merit, reports on spy activites are rewarded tax-free. The reward is not subject to taxes. Oh, I see. Thank you. I had a bet with my friend. I told you, they are not subject to taxes! Really? Hey, they don't deduce taxes! Yes. I'm the one who just called you. If I actually catch the spy and deliver him, do I get a bigger reward? Did you catch one? A spy? Oh, I had a bet with my friend. Hey you! Do you think the NIS is a joke? You think you can just meet spies on the street? If you call me one more time I'm going to report you! I'm sorry sir. Hey, the call center is the image of the NIS, don't you know that? BBC Radio 5 live I do. You do, huh. With internet and SNS these days one wrong move and the whole country is in havoc. You do, huh. With internet and SNS these days one wrong move and the whole country is in havoc. Is that an attitude of service to the country? I deeply regret it. Have a written apology ready. Always be on the alert! Mr. Director. What now? Let's go for lunch. I can't digest well when I eat with you. I'll buy you a digestive medicine. Bon appetit. Don't force me. I hear your kid got into a special foreign language high school. Well well, this deserves some congratulations. So I got this ready for you. It's not much. What is this? Is it a present? It's a bribe. I'm not taking it. It's too thin. They are concert tickets. The best of the idol groups, FTM. FTM? I hear it's really hard to get by these. I'm applying to be the discipline officer for the new employees. Discipline officer? That's nice. It's an honor to get that position, given to only the best agents. And you're telling me you want to give it a try? I can't spend the rest of my life at the call center. Deal with it among your peers. I'll take care of my peers. If I make it to the next level, please don't let me down at the judging committee. Of course, I'll take care of that. But you know what, I don't have that kind of power. I put my faith in you, BBC Radio 5 live. Let's have a toast. BBC Radio 5 live For our nation. Hi. You are quite steady in your fashion sense.