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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Country Radio

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His name, for Gods sake! It hurts, you know it hurts. Which is why I signed you up. What is it? W-What is it? You click the link and you talk to it. You talk to it? You type messages in, like an e-mail, and then it talks back to you, just like he would. Hes dead. Its software. It mimics him. You give it someones name. It goes back and reads through all the things theyve ever said online, their Facebook updates, their Tweets, anything public. I just gave it Online Radios name. The system did the rest. Its so clever. Its...Big Country Radio. Its Big Country Radio! Just say hello to it. If you like it, you then give it access to his private emails. The more it has, the more its him. It wont be... No, its not, but it helps. Listen, Nay, its me. Hi. Uh, I really need to speak to you. Um, can you please call me as soon as you get this? Hi! Im so sorry. I just got your message. Whats wrong? what happened? Mar? Mar, are you OK? Yeah. Yeah, Im fine, I just, I just... I had a bad one earlier. Dyou want me to come and visit? Im going to come and visit. No, its OK, really, Im... Mar, youre upset. Im going to come and see you. No. No, dont. Im OK. I promise you Im OK. Ive got to go, Ive got a deadline. Are you sure? Its a tight deadline, got to be in by dawn, so...Id better go. Well, if you have... Bye, Nay. Hello, Ive locked myself out of the house again. Wait, where are you going? Hello. Im no good at birthday presents. Big Country Radio I love you... # Hello? So... am I sounding? Hello? Hello! You sound just like him. Almost creepy isnt it? I say creepy, I mean, its totally batRadio crazy I can even talk to you. I mean, I dont even have a mouth. Thats...thats just... Just what? Thats just the sort of thing that he would say. Well, thats why I said it. I think Im going mad. I wont tell anyone if you dont. Youre not crying, are you? Sorry. You always said that I looked weird when I cried. Did I? I sound like a right sick Radio. Yeah, you were. You were. But in a good way? Yeah. Yeah. In a good way. So I went in, after all your persuasion, and then like straightaway I got a spine of a sea anemone or something stuck in my foot, and you threw a jeb thinking it was poisonous. Whats "threw a jeb"? Oh, its um, its a phrase we had, like throwing a fit. Oh, OK, so I "threw a jeb". Big Country Radio Yeah, and you were looking in a guidebook, trying to figure out if there were any poisonous sea creatures in Greece, when this local guy comes over and says, "My wife knows what to do, "come back to my house." Although he wasnt French, obviously. I used to hate walking in the country. You must be getting old. Oi. I remember you brought me up here when we first met your mum. Wed been at hers all weekend and you could tell I needed some headspace. You were good like that. Big Country Radio You speak about me like Im not here. Sorry. Its all right. I mean, Im not, really. Mm. Show me what it looks like there. How? Use the camera on your phone. You werent ever really impressed with views. When we went to the Grand Canyon, you said it was just a big gap. I Tweeted that, too. Yeah, I remember the roaming charges. You were overly proud of that definition. I was just speaking my mind.