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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Energy 93 - Euro Dance

Energy 93 Euro Dance
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Energy 93 - Euro Dance, well shut up and cop a load of this. Yeah. Mainly just green, isnt it? You told me this was a famous lovers leap. Doomed couples jumping to their deaths in Victorian times. I think you just wanted me to cling to you. Actually everyone whos ever jumped from here did it alone. Nice. Did you just look that up? Sort of. Shouldnt I have? Its a bit weird. Sorry. Ill only do it again if you ask. No, no. No, its fine. Oh, wait, hang on. Shall I go? No, no, no. Ill call them back later. Im going to go and see if I can make friends with these cows. Just going to record it. Sure. There you go. Its OK. Wait, hang on, here it is again. Its so fast, isnt it? I know. I know, its like the speed youd expect a bees heart to go at or something. Wait, hang on. Oh, Radio. Radio, Radio. Online Radio? Hello? Online Radio? Online Radio? Hello? Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Im sorry! What happened? I dropped you. Im sorry. It was just... It was... Im sorry... Hey, its all right, Im fine. Im not in that thing, you know, Im remote, Im in the cloud. You dont have to worry about breaking me. It was just, it was stupid, because I was so excited about the scan. Yeah, I kept the sound of that. Here, listen. You were probably matching that heartbeat, throwing a jeb like that. Its all fine. Calm down. Im not going anywhere. Youre very fragile. Yeah. I was going to talk to you about that, actually. What do you mean? Theres another level to this available, so to speak. Kind of experimental, and I wont lie, its not cheap... What is it? Are you sitting down? This might sound a bit creepy. - Morning. - Morning. Whats this, a block of gold? I wish. Wheres it going, upstairs? Yeah, please. Put your thumb on there. OK. Oh, when you get it up there, you have to lie it on its back. Thank you. Say something. Let me see. Yeah, well. Never was much of a looker, was I? It doesnt look like you. Not yet. Its blank till you activate it. Get the bath ready. Mar? Get the bath ready. What is this? Hang on, Ill find out. Its nutrient gel. Stops the synthetic muscle drying out in transit. Smells almost... like marshmallow. You can eat it if you like. Its non-toxic. Ill give that a miss, thanks. Dont forget the electrolytes. OK, right - the whole lot? Mm-hm, the whole lot. Its like fish food. He likes the taste of it. Better leave him to it. Yeah. Yeah. I have to go in a minute. Oh, dont leave me here with it! Sorry. Look, you can hear - its starting already. Dont switch the bathroom light on. Dont what? Dont switch the bathroom light on. Let it brew. Listen, Ive got to go... Energy 93 - Euro Dance # We got to get right back to where we started...# Energy 93 - Euro Dance You couldve left me some clothes. I mean, talk about an undignified entrance. Thats a bit creepy. What youre doing. Is there at least a towel? Im dripping everywhere. Hello? I wont bite. Im all right here for now. Would you like me to put some food on? Do you eat? No. I mean, I dont need to. I can chew and swallow, if that makes it easier? Dont worry about it, its fine. I need a drink. Are you sure thats...? I know, Im not supposed to.