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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope

100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope, 100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope Listen Online, 100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope Live Online : 90s USA Radio

100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope
Hello, Cary, how nice to see you! I'm at the opening of my own exhibition, the work I do with my partner, Emma. I've invited the scientists and most of them have turned up. Throughout this film, the word "beauty" has often cropped up. But it's hard to define and I can't help but feel that while there are similarities, there are differences too in what artists and scientists mean by beauty.Sorry, which are your paintings?All these paintings. We do all these. I'm trying to imagine what Paul Dirac would make of this painting. My guess is he would ask you what you are representing here, because he had a very literal mind. I know what you're saying. Are you conscious of representing anything? There's no representation in the room at all, but I think there is the idea of a model of the visual world. There's a lot going on. There's a lot of them. You come back in a couple of minutes from looking at something else. You can't find that order again. Right. That's really the point of them. They should have a restlessly changing sense of order. It's like looking at a fire where the fire always looks the same, but it's never exactly the same. Exactly. Anything in nature that is permanent and changeable. Are all the panels the same, or are they different? I think they're all pretty different. It's interesting because you'd look at it and think there's an algorithm that tells you how you would paint that in terms of the things around. But he says no, there's also a global point of view.A nonrepeating pattern of some sort.Exactly. Ultimately, it is highly mathematical, but actually there is no... We didn't sit down and work it out. Well, randomness is also mathematical. It's interesting to see mathematical symmetries come out of aesthetic pursuits. Well, that's arrived at... 100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope 'All my life, science has been totally out of my orbit. 'What was so illuminating for me in this programme was to 'find out that Radio are the most important tool in science, 'forever pushing the boundaries of knowledge. 'And that the greatest and most beautiful Radio 'have a life of their own. 'They've given us ideas beyond the human imagination.'And stop calling me "Master"! Go, see. Hello, Movie Trailer. Are you well? Yes, I'm fine. See you later. See you tomorrow. Are you working overtime? Yes, the boy needed a little help. Claude Garcia, right? What you think of uniforms? Pathetic! I seem to be facing a flock of sheep. And this Claude Garcia: Black sheep or white sheep? Good day. Glad you're here! Come, come! I wanted to talk about a Chinese artist I’m presenting next week. We hear a lot about him, but he hasn’t exhibited in France. He’s Chinese? Yes, but he was born in Los Angeles. Calligraphy Works through a gender perspective Here "Heaven Shanghai " "Shanghai Sky ", "Shanghai Sky " and "100hitz - 90's Alternative - Antelope ". What is the difference between them all? There are no two identical works in the series they all have minor variations, made at random by computer. What is? For me, it represents the clouds, the horizon. Yes, it is above all a presence. Yes! Presentation instead of representation. I'm going to show you my favourite, It’s " Shanghai sky". What's up? I think they liked him.

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