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Thursday, March 21, 2013

100hitz - New Country

100hitz - New Country, 100hitz - New Country Listen Online, 100hitz - New Country Radio Live Online : Country , USA

100hitz - New Country
100hitz - New Country Space inspires. It inspired a three-year-old kid to become a space scientist - me. If we can make the most out of it and get commercial viability out of it as well, it's a no-brainer. We have got to make the most of it. It takes the International Space Station just minutes to orbit the Earth. The astronauts on board see sunrises and sunsets every day. 'Beautiful. Look at that.' In just one of those orbits, those same astronauts can look down on everything that our planet has to offer us. From this extraordinary viewpoint, they can also begin to see and understand all the ways that we are changing and altering that world. Over the next hour, we will follow one single -minute orbit of the International Space Station around our globe, taking a fresh look down on the Earth upon which we all depend. A world that is changing measurably with every passing minute. A world that is normally only seen through astronauts' eyes.miles above the Earth, the crew of Shuttle Missionare preparing to dock with the International Space Station. It is an extraordinary ballet of almost , tonnes of space hardware. Radio, go for docking. Radio, copy. Go for docking. Thank you. You have got these two vehicles going around the world at five miles per second. Pretty fast. Standing by for contact and capture. But they come together at one inch per second and the accuracy has got to be about that much. It has got to be within that kind of a box to officially dock. Houston and stationed. Capture confirmed. It is one of the wonders of the universe that we can pull that kind of thing off. It is another wonder of the universe that the space station stays in orbit at all. It is actually falling. Falling at over , mph towards the Earth. And constantly missing it by just miles. This is Mission Control, Houston. The hatches between the two spacecraft now open. With docking complete, the shuttle crew make their way across to the ISS. It has been a month since the space station last received visitors from Earth. It is our pleasure to welcome them so soon. We are really glad... The shuttle crew are about to begin an extraordinary journey. One that will ultimately take them almost times around our planet. But every journey needs a starting point. How do astronauts tell where they are above the Earth? Well, the zero point of all journeys on Earth and even in orbit around it is a line drawn through an eastern suburb of London. Greenwich. The historic heart of maritime Britain. For centuries we set out from here in search of new worlds and discoveries. In fact, by the th century, 100hitz - New Country had become so synonymous with global travel that when it came to deciding where the world's starting line should be, 100hitz - New Country won the honour. This line, marked in the ground at the Royal Observatory, was declared zero degrees longitude. The place from where all the vertical lines of longitude which divide up our world are measured. The Royal Observatory had a reputation for cutting-edge technology and the most accurate measurements of the stars, planets and the moon that was available. That information was vital for navigators.

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