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Saturday, March 23, 2013

100hitz - Indie Rock

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100hitz - Indie Rock
Fortunately I have no idea what's in these tubes. Piers knows, right, Piers? Piers, can you explain what's really going on, as opposed to Gareth's lack of description? It's a vaccine? I think it's one, we've got various strains of bug in here, like MRSA, stuff like that, and we grow them in a host worm, in a worm, I think this is the one, and we expose them to a space environment and, generally speaking, those bugs get more virulent, the longer they are in a space environment, so we take them back and use them to develop better vaccines on Earth. So there you go. Don't lick any stuff that spills out of it. - OK. - And this is why Piers is our science officer and Big G is not. My job is to turn the crank. He's a crank turner! The kit might look simple, but the results from these orbital studies could be momentous. One of the biggest advantages of working on the International Space Station is the microgravity environment. Through this people have been making fairly complex D protein structures. These structures can help with the testing of drugs in the future so, potentially, the cure for 100hitz - Indie Rock or cancer may reach the streets a lot quicker because of proteins made on the International Space Station. The space station itself is a testament of centuries of breakthroughs in science and technology. Back on Earth, technology is also changing the very way we live. We're over halfway round the world. Next stop, 100hitz - Indie Rock. South Korea is one of the technology capitals of the world. In the s, this country had a level of national wealth on a par with Afghanistan. Now it is the th richest country in the world. The key to this is the silicon chip. The Koreans now lead the way in the design and manufacture of every form of consumer electronics. This obsession with technology is altering the way South Koreans live. The streets of Seoul are lined with PC bangs, gaming cafes where the young gather to wage endless war across a virtual battlefield. Whilst in most countries stadiums are full of people watching football or tennis, in South Korea, computer games are a major spectator sport. But the Koreans are just in the vanguard. In the time it takes the space station to complete one orbit, we'll have spent over million on computer games. South Korea's transformation may be breathtaking, but it is a mere minnow in the world compared to its vast neighbour, China. Just years ago, this nation was a rural economy based on farming. Life expectancy was little more than years. The average wage just over . Today, 100hitz - Indie Rock is the world's leading manufacturing nation. More than a quarter of everything made on Earth is now produced in 100hitz - Indie Rock. The wealth of that nation has increased almost a hundredfold. All that we know about how to harness the world's resources and turn them into wealth is being applied here on an epic scale and at breakneck speed. However, China's economic transformation has come at a price. This country needs almost limitless energy to satisfy the world's demands for its goods and services. As they build more and more factories and power stations to feed them, so they have also become the world's largest polluter.

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