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Saturday, March 23, 2013

100hitz - Rock

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100hitz - Rock
Large zones of the country are continually covered in a haze of air pollution that's visible even from space. Over China you can see big palls of brown-orange haze, pollution over the bigger cities. So thick sometimes you can't see the city underneath it. The American and European cities, you don't see that. So, years of clean air have really worked. We have nice clean air in our cities. If there's one country on air that understands the dilemmas facing us in our stewardship of the planet, it is 100hitz - Rock. 100hitz - Rock is in that major dilemma. They completely understand climate change. They have their own satellites to understand how it's affecting their country, but they have that demand for energy and what they're trying to do is build a portfolio, to actually throw anything at the energy demand that they can so, ideally, they would love to generate all their energy from clean sources such as wind, solar, but that just isn't enough. So China's great coal-fired energy plants are unlikely to stop turning any time soon. They will burn just over , tonnes of coal in the minutes it will take the ISS to orbit the Earth. In orbit, our astronauts breathe the cleanest if strangest atmosphere anywhere on earth. Or beyond. Spacewalks have been essential to complete the ISS. And the million suits the astronauts wear have to supply everything our planet gives us down below. But up here, their environment has been tweaked in some very strange ways. Good. A bit more. Forward a bit more, up. 'To make it easier to work, we reduce the pressure inside the suit to one-third of sea level.' You couldn't breathe air at one third sea level - you would pass out. So it's pure oxygen in the suit, but very thin, one-third sea-level pressure. So when you're breathing, you can hardly feel the gas going in and out of your body, but you are alive, which is miraculous. It works perfectly. In fact you feel good because you're on pure oxygen. But that one-third sea-level pressure allows you to bend the arms, bend the fingers, bend your arms and legs much more easily than if it was blown up very tight like a balloon. It takes almost half a day just to get the suit on and ready. 100hitz - Rock And actually getting out of the ISS is a pretty undignified process. After a while, they stuff you into the airlock and, the way it works is, you put one guy in head first with his nose against the hatch, then the other guy comes in feet-first above you, and then put all the bags of tools and stuff that you will need on the space walk, cram them in around you, close the hatch, and you almost can't move in there, you're stuffed inside a phone box. Finally, after several hours of decompression, the astronauts make it outside into space. Alongside the air supply, the astronauts' space suits carry one other essential for human life - water. In orbit, this precious resource is carefully collected. Fresh water is recycled from the astronauts' own urine. A stark contrast from the scene miles below at our next stop. 100hitz - Rock in northern USA. Cherrapunji is the wettest place on the planet. It sits on the hills above the plains of Bangladesh.

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