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Saturday, March 23, 2013

107.3 WKCR Online

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107.3 WKCR Online
This high ground is the first obstacle in the path of the monsoon storms that sweep in from the Bay of Bengal. Rain clouds that have gathered over thousands of miles suddenly release their vast load over this tiny village. Rainfall here can measure over metres a year. It can rain all year round. Some locals claim it once poured down for two years without a break. Whether it's raining or not in 107.3 WKCR Online, it will certainly be pouring down somewhere in the world, right now. Every minutes, . trillion litres of fresh water will fall as rain on the planet. As the ISS circles on, the astronauts will pass over a very different scene - a scar on our planet's landscape as large as the one we have left in the Amazon. The Aral Sea in 107.3 WKCR Online.years ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, launching from Baikonur in Kazakhstan. Back then, 107.3 WKCR Online was the home to a wonder of the world, the Aral Sea, one of the largest freshwater lakes on the planet. But in just five decades, we have drained it dry. A transformation captured by the unblinking gaze of satellites circling high above. The satellite images produced from the space station have been absolutely iconic because they really show the extent of the devastation and, if you look at the Aral Sea, the most recent images, and you look at them from the s, you see a large lake, and you look at them now, and you can barely detect there's a lake there at all. Those kind of images really show the extent of the human impact on the environment, at such a vast scale. The Aral Sea has shrunk by nearly % since the s. The water was diverted away from the two main rivers that flowed into the sea to feed enormous cotton and rice plantations. As the sea-level drastically declined, great ships were left high and dry on the sand dunes. I've seen the Aral Sea every time I've flown. It looks like a pretty shrunken relic of what it used to be. There was a big project that diverted all the water away and I think there's a move now to try and turn some of it back. But it looks pretty ugly. The Aral Sea is now an environmental disaster zone. A swirling cloud of dust and salt, heavily contaminated with toxic agricultural chemicals. Across the planet, we are radically changing landscapes in our quest for greater supplies of fresh water. Every time the ISS circles our planet,square kilometres of land will become desert, somewhere on the planet. Back in space, the astronauts are beginning their work outside the ISS. Their spacewalk will involve making repairs and installing new equipment. Piers Sellers has clocked up six spacewalks in total. I can remember almost every minute of each of those. It's burned on my memory. The very first time I went on a spacewalk, I was the first guy out the hatch, so I opened the hatch, I backed out, and I found myself above this huge shining Earth that was spinning by me and the big silver spaceship above me and I was hanging on by a hand rail and for a horrible second I felt that everything was upside down and the wrong way round. I got complete vertigo for about seconds.

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