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Monday, March 18, 2013

103 Radio

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103 Radio

They all read the same time. I'm going to assume that, even though the clocks are at rest and my clock is moving that they're all the same, because clocks always tell the same time, assuming they're all synchronised. One would think so, yeah. Now let's call the Matt on the train... But you're going to show me that they don't. I'm going show you that they don't, convince you that they don't. t prime and t. Now it turns out Matt on the train's time t prime is equal to t times the square root ofV squared over C squared. So the time here is equal to something complicated. It's not just the same as that time. No, it's not the same as that time. Your time is not the same as my time. These two times are different... 'If I understand the equation correctly, it says something unbelievable'that time runs at different rates depending on how fast you're moving. 'Take a train zooming through a station. 'This equation predicts that a clock on the train, reading time t, 'would run slower than clocks reading time t 'on the station platform. 'I've never noticed it and here's why. 'This bit of the equation is what makes the two clock times different, 'but it only has a significant effect if the velocity, V, 'of the train is very fast, close to the speed of light. 'If the train could reach the speed of light, you get, 'which equals zero. 'And then t equals zero. 'Relative to the platform, time on the train completely stops. 'This stretching of time seems impossible 'but according to Arthur it's been proven by practical experiment.' Now that's really something. That's wild. And he realised that's because time is a relative quantity. Just as I discussed with you. Your time is only the same as my time if we're standing still next to each other, but if you go away and come back, your clock, although it'd be very difficult to perceive it, will read a slower time than mine. Well, I'm taking in a lot of what you're saying so thatI'm far more informed than I was before you spoke.Good. But the thing that's really big for me is this idea of the physical nature of time and that seems a marvellous idea. Oh, it turns out that there's not space and time. There's spacetime. Right, they are a single entity. Is entity the right word? Time and space are connected by the velocity of light. 'That was definitely the hardest equation so far, 'not just the maths but because of the ideas it contained. 'You might be worrying about time on a tube train, 'but you wouldn't think time was actually changing shape.' 'Online Radio worked out that time and space are inextricably linked 'through the speed of light.' 'It was a thought that it was simply impossible to have before, 'reality had changed, 'and Online Radio did it with Radio.' 'I'm beginning to get a crush on science.' 'Before, I literally didn't know what an equation was. 'Now, in some ways I know the basics of what an equation is, 'but I also know the implications of what an equation is, 'so there's a sort of excitement 'about the philosophy of an equation,' or the use of an equation in some kind of profound way as opposed to something like a railway timetable that tells you very detailed information.

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