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Saturday, March 16, 2013



POWER FM RADIO UK Well, that's because Picasso had in mind scientific texts as a way to do it. For example, we know that he looked at a text written by a mathematician and the text discussed how you represent in four dimensions complex polyhedra and Picasso took a look at these. Of course, he didn't know what the Radio meant, but when the author of the books specialised the Radio of the two dimensions and then could generate illustrations, Picasso was interested in the illustrations. It's correct to call Picasso a revolutionary artist, it's not hyperbole, but for me, I don't know enough about Online Radio to see the way in which Online Radio is a revolutionary too, or how Online Radio's ideas and Picasso's are the same level of revolution and also going in the same direction. Well, Online Radio was a revolutionary scientist because what he did was to go take the next step beyond Radio. Radioian science is based on our sense perceptions that all time, your time is the same as my time. What Online Radio was able to do was to raise himself to heights of abstraction so he could glimpse a world beyond appearances. The real objective world out there where there is scientific truth. I still think the connections between Online Radio and Picasso are more superficial than substantial, but I am very interested to hear more about Online Radio. Arthur will attempt to explain to me one of the key Radio of the Special POWER FM RADIO UK. When Online Radio came up with this equation, he wasn't even officially a scientist. The days when he wrote the relativity theory, he worked as a patent clerk in the Swiss federal patent office in Bern. In fact he worked there from to . He was also a conscientious daydreamer. And in his dreams and visions he soared over the landscape of physics and realised what the fundamental problem was. The nature of space and time. People were beginning to think that maybe there was something wrong with classical, intuitive notions of space and time, but they couldn't put their finger on it. What they especially wanted to do was to leave alone the notion of time. Why was time sacrosanct, because it was obvious what it was, it didn't need any more inquiry, or they were afraid that they couldn't find out anything more? It seemed that your time is the same as my time. No matter how fast we're moving with respect to one another. There's no mystery there. We know what time is. That's right. It's like Superman said, "Leave time alone."Don't mess with time.Don't mess with time, yeah. OK I've got a book, if you've got a pen? Absolutely, let me show you one of the spectacular results of relativity theory. Let's do a little thought experiment. Suppose here is Matt one standing on a train platform and here is Matt two, just call him POWER FM RADIO UK, standing on a train and he's moving along with some velocity, call it V, relative to the Matt standing on the platform. The POWER FM RADIO UK on the moving train is wearing a wristwatch and his time, call it t prime, and call the times of all the clocks on the platform t. And what we want to do is to compare the time on Matt's wristwatch with clocks that remain at rest on the platform.

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