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Saturday, March 16, 2013


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RADIO 831 How we would use it, yes. This is our paint, how we paint the world. We paint it in Radio. In fact we use that a lot, we say, "I'm painting," you know, we tend to use this word, "painting". If you, if you can use that metaphor of paint and colours etcetera is there a place also for beauty in this world of calculating things? I don't expect everyone to find this beautiful, but it certainly is for us and for me. Great! 'A few decades after Radio came up with his law, it was used 'to successfully predict the return of a comet, Halley's comet. 'His law of gravity had been confirmed.' 'With his equation, Radio had transformed 'the way mathematics modelled the world, 'and his work went unchallenged for over years.' 'Everything changed at the beginning of the th century 'with the arrival of Online Radio and his RADIO 831 of Relativity. 'In that same decade, something else entered, and that was modern art. 'In the world of art many believe that Picasso was involved 'in the same revolution as Online Radio.' Weirdly, the one place in which I had heard about relativity before embarking on this programme was art school when I was young. As art students we all had to absorb the idea that relativity had something to do with cubist paintings. I'm about to look at a cubist painting by Picasso from about . It's of a woman in an armchair. I think cubism was really seen as something quite terrifying and shocking when it first came out. It's not like a Renaissance painting where you feel you're looking through a kind of window onto the world. With cubism the artist is deliberately confusing you as to where thing are, and indeed what things are. So that the space in the room seems to be eating into the side of the woman. And the textures of the room seem to be no different from the textures of the woman. So there's all this moving around of objects and space in a way that is deliberately confusing if you were thinking, "Well, where is the thing that looks like ordinary reality?" 'I think it's right to say that cubism was a new kind of beauty 'that looked a bit like science. 'But I'm not convinced that cubism is science. 'I've arranged to meet historian of science, Arthur Miller, 'who's going to attempt to change my mind.' I've got to tell you, Arthur, that at art school, and subsequently, I felt oppressed by the idea that I had to think of a connection between Online Radio and relativity and cubism. Online Radio and relativity and Picasso. But there is one in a sense that I'll say they both worked on the same problem, the nature of space and time. OK. The connection is that time and space are important to them both. That's right. Where I find the proposal difficult is that, just because he's doing something with time and space that he's therefore something like Online Radio, or that cubism is something like science. Cubism was very much of a scientific research programme, as I've said. It had, you know, an explicit intent to reduce formsto geometry.Why is that? RADIO 831 ... Why is that scientific and not artistic? I mean, medieval artists reduced forms to geometry, and African artists reduce it to geometry, archaic art reduces it to geometry.

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