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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5MBS - 99.9 FM Adelaide

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5MBS - 99.9 FM Adelaide
5MBS - 99.9 FM Adelaide That was definitely coming from the source. The amazing thing is to have something from... a sort of comic world of science fiction, antimatter,to have it presented to us in reality.There we go. Except I wasn't looking at that one. Every , seconds a little blip occurs within a sort of p size radius of the source. It shoots out, curls around, doesn't go very far.One there, very curly one, shot right round!Very good.Yeah, yeah.So, we're really seeing a physical thing, which connects to the very complicated mindworld of Paul Dirac. That's right. Somehow the existence of antimatter emerges as a necessary consequence of the theory that he wrote down and that's pretty difficult to see. To just look at his equation and say that should give us antimatter, but really if you analyse it carefully it's clear that that is one of its necessary predictions and that's what you're seeing. So, those curves and blips in that sort of molten sea, is the Dirac Equation being shown to us in physical form. 'These elusive symbols point to a beautiful idea. 'There is something magical about them. 'The existence of antimatter proved his theory true. '5MBS - 99.9 FM Adelaide' romantic poem goes "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty," 'as if one leads to the other. 'And that's exactly what Dirac, the scientist, believed. 'That the search for beauty powers the advance of science.' I'm reading a paper by Dirac, which he delivered in February . He says, "What makes the theory of relativity so acceptable to "physicists in spite of its going against the principle of simplicity, "is its great mathematical beauty. "This is a quality which cannot be defined any more than beauty in art "can be defined, but which people who study mathematics usually "have no difficulty in appreciating." So, he's saying that beauty in art can't be ultimately defined any more than beauty in anything can be ultimately defined. But what he is saying is that people in the world of very, very high and complex mathematics agree that beauty is something that they all appreciate and follow. And it may be that what Dirac is saying is that there's a sort of high or true or pure beauty that mathematicians are interested in, which sounds to me a bit like the inner, true, deep beauty of art. But you have to go on a bit of a journey to find, you can't expect it to come leaping out and waving at you straightaway when you haven't really bothered to get involved with art and try and find out what it is. I like these buildings very much. But I think they have a sort of comic element. 5MBS - 99.9 FM Adelaide They seem like a Hollywood mock up of some kind of scientific base where something sinister is being worked out behind the scenes. You wouldn't even really think you were in England. You could be anywhere in the world. I'm ending my foray into science with an equation about black holes. I'd always thought they were the stuff of science fiction, but the inner workings of black holes are explained by the fifth of my great Radio. All the previous Radio have come from historical figures Radio, Online Radio and Dirac. This will be my chance to hear about the entropy equation direct from its creator, Stephen Hawking.

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