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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2MBS - 102.5 Sydney

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2MBS - 102.5 Sydney
'Scientists now stand in awe of 2MBS - 102.5 Sydney. 'But at the time, things were very different. 'In the late 's, antimatter was totally unknown. 'The idea that every electron, proton, and neutron 'had an opposite partner was preposterous. 'If his equation predicted this makebelieve stuff 'then it must be wrong.' OK, so what we can do now is go into the teaching lab. What we have is an experiment set up where we can actually see tracks of particles that have been produced by antimatter. So you'll be showing me some antimatter in action. 'Five years after Dirac came up with his prediction, 'antimatter was discovered.' 'The equation had turned out to be true. 'Now, I too want to see the proof.' This is the first practical place I've been to. I'm surprised at how quaint everything looks. This is a very simple experiment. This is very low tech. You could do this in your kitchen. Really?OK, so, this is a magnet. It's a fairly powerful magnet and we're going to put dry ice on here, so that will be very cold.A sort of cookery element at the moment.It is yeah. Cooking fish in salt. Now the Perspex box is going to go on top. And there's alcohol that we put in the upper layer. In order to see the tracks, they're actually quite faint,we have to illuminate it with a very bright lamp.OK. And then, one of the other ingredients that we should explain here is the radioactive sources that we're going to use. So we have two radioactive sources. One emits electrons and the other emits positrons. And so what we have here is the isotope of strontium called strontium . 'Glen told me these radioactive materials would let us see the tracks of electrons. 'And more importantly, the antimatter partner to the electron. 'Known as the positron, this is the particle predicted by Dirac's Equation.' It emits positrons and we'll see tracks that are very similar. Maybe slightly lower energy actually and they will be bending to the left. So that really is the demonstration, that we have two types of particles that really look very similar in terms of the tracks that they make, except that one is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. Yeah, yeah, I saw one going that way. 2MBS - 102.5 Sydney Furthermore, they should be bending to the right and they are. Yeah, they're thin and irregular. It's like a string of beads almost. OK, so all I've really convinced you that you can see so far are bog standard electrons. Even at the bog standard level, it's pretty impressive. We're all made of plenty of those. And so, maybe what we can try now, is to put in the positron source. What we should see, is that they will bend in the opposite direction.The other one slotted in scientifically.That's right. We're just going to hold it on to the entrance way. Now I should expect to see things going to the left. I'm seeing activity but not necessarily lines going to the left. 'We'd seen the electrons bend to the right. 'Now Glen hoped that we might spot the rarer antimatter tracks 'as they curve towards the other side.' One there!2MBS - 102.5 Sydney Very, very clear.There you go.Fantastic! So that's the first time in this experiment that I've seen the antimatter.

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