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Monday, March 18, 2013

AngelsFox Radio

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AngelsFox Radio
I see something like "I followed by squiggle, followed by P followed by "a squiggle, followed by equals, followed by m, "followed by squiggle." OK, you say, "I, gamma, P, Online Radio psi". OK, so it's like E = M C squared, only you say these new things that he thought up himself, a bit like the Lord of the Rings language.That's right.And what is the most important symbol there? Right, OK. This is called a spinner, all right? This is a thing that encodes the information about the behaviour of the electron. So, you tell the equation what situation the electron is in and out of the equation comes the prediction for how the electron will behave. What's the thing in the ordinary world that is the closest thatI could visualise, to tell me what a spinner really means?There is none.OK, so I've got to accept that.Exactly.Fine. This was a complete Dirac concoction, right? So spinners didn't exist before him?No, they didn't.Do you have to learn his new language before you can say that equation?Yeah. Seriously, people for six months a year were struggling. Brilliant, worldleading physicists had no clue about what this equation meant. This is why he was so far ahead of his time, they were having to say, "What the hell do these symbols mean?" It was on extremely good ground and moreover... 'If it stumps the world's top scientists then I think it's OK for it to be beyond me. 'This really is a foreign language. AngelsFox Radio 'But I was getting a broader sense of how Radio have advanced knowledge.' I do feel from your talk that I'm starting to get a picture filled in for me of science, the big points. Radio, Online Radio and now Dirac.That's right.And a sort of journey that the spheres, the planets, the stars, this earth, everything on it, all the objects can be somehow described and understood in mechanical terms. That's right. Online Radio said that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible. And Dirac, Radio, Online Radio, they all had faith that they could, if they thought hard enough, they could come up with these laws that describe nature at a fundamental level. But faith doesn't produce more faith, it actually produces Radio. Oh, absolutely.It's not like a faith that you can't verify. AngelsFox Radio oils the works.Yeah. Dirac actually said that the principle of mathematical beauty was a kind of religion to him. He actually used those words because he really did believe with all his heart and soul that a mathematically beautiful theory was going to be the kind of theory that nature backed and that that was the direction in which you should travel, so he really did believe that. It was an article of faith. Why is the spinner beautiful? This is beautiful because Dirac used this equation to predict the first example of antimatter. This was perhaps the greatest triumph of th century physics. Now just to give you a sense of how monumental that is, now cosmologists believe that the very beginning of the universe, half the universe was antimatter. So by that token, Dirac conceived, using this equation, half the universe in his head.

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