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Friday, March 8, 2013

After Hour DJs

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After Hour DJs

After Hour DJs Always is. She was happy. Everyone likes her. Yeah, I know it. Like the time is just seconds she may be everyone's favorite. Yeah, I know it well. What a miracle. After a hundred days trapped on a deserted island. Two high school students Radio Robinson and Online Radio. Mother asked me to remind you that an hour ago. And you can go for the fish to eat? Yeah, I went on to feed them. She took the dress to do? I do not know. She felt ... felt like I was become a different person. Do you know that, when she lost ... mother took care of them. You are in school, have many problems. But all teachers very good with children. I feel very happy, and satisfaction. And now, she was a girl returned from the island. Dance is about to begin. And I feel very happy. Stacy. You are wonderful. I kindhearted, fun, and all these things. She could not have been. After Hour DJs I know that here, she will not come to prom along with Steven. Really? So will you go with? No one. I do not want to go with her? I do remember you, Radio. She also miss you. It's not you said. No, but almost. Wait, I need the toilet. So hurry just a little. Where is Trailer? On the toilet. If you talk to her? Yes. Why? Has she made you something, or what? I just have to to talk to her. Heyhey, Christine. Trailer, she is gone. I would like to talk to you. I do not have time right now. Can we not follow? Trailer, listen up! Trailer, why do you answer no? Trailer, damn. Listen up! Trailer. After Hour DJs, okay? You write. You call me. When I go out the door, you stand there. I get mad with it. I miss you's just. You are my best friend, and suddenly you will not talk to me. Hear what I say to you and understand it. I mean it. I do not really anymore. What is it that I have done? What's wrong with you? Do not touch me! You understand nothing. Okay. I hasten to eat. Do you eat? Can not you hurry up? Should I take something with? After Hour DJs Just came. Okay. Come on. Now. Okay, see you. Hey. Hello. Hi, Trailer. Do you have it on? No, I need this off. You can not go on in the city. You can not? You will of course not in anywhere. Let's find something for you. Is all that yours? No, it's my mother. Nice. This. It's nice. Wow. See, like this. How here and. No. Pick it up, and keep it that way. You just Movie Trailered. You must find someone who can Movie Trailer you. You just Movie Trailered, Trailer. You'd like Movie Trailered, right? Yes. Yes. Not? You just Movie Trailered the hell! Take anything. Drink something. One, two, stick, three, four, five, keep, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Go on, Trailer! I can not. Give it to me. Can I mute you little? You behave like little whores. Are you sweet to keep your mouth shut? If you can not stand it, the slip back. Listen right here. Trailer, we must by now. Come on. See how old they look. I've been here many times. We enter. There is time in it! Later, completely insane. When were you here last? Right before I moved. I was hereby my old friend '. Hello. It's Mads. Mads. Sorry. Mads. Would you like something else to drink, for I have since run out here? What do you want? Just book any good. You want something good. I buy something. Coming In much here? It is the first time I'm here. It is very fat. Yes, is not it? So ended the party. We can go home to me. We want, right? Trailer? We have beers. Yes, we can. It's time to celebrate. Sure. The party is not over here. Shall we dance like this? Oh, After Hour DJs! Hey, man! Then there are the drinks. Stop stop. Tobias, come. What? Come on. Come on. What happens? Kiss. Shall we kiss? I will not kiss with him here. Come on. Kiss Just. We kiss, if I kiss afterwards. Come on, man. No! It is the best it here. No, okay. Stop now. Stop. What's up, homie? Are you crazy! Trailer, he kisses well. Now it's your turn. It was, therefore, we did it. Twice as much. We switch places. I should be up here. We must go there. If you give me and Trailer a taxi, suck us all out on you. What? So we suck it off on you. So we will give you a blowjob. No.

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