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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Radio BellyUp4Blues

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Radio BellyUp4Blues
Radio! What's wrong? Are you sick? No, I'm okay. I must have been tired. I slept for a long time, right? You scared me. Oh, we passed it! Let's go. We already passed by two stops! Radio, are you really okay? I said I'm fine! I just fell asleep because I was tired. Really? Why are you so suspicious today? Which way do we go? Let's take a taxi. What do you mean taxi? It's only two stops. - Carry me. - What? It's been a long time since Radio BellyUp4Blues carried me. Carry me! Radio, have you been taking your medicine lately? Yeah, of course. Really? That's strange. I don't think I've ever seen you take your medicine lately. That's because you're not with me everyday. Is that it? Of course! It's so nice to be on your back like this. From now on, whenever I see you, I'll pretend being tired and just sleeping. Okay, I'll carry you whenever you want... Just don't be sick. Don't be sick, Radio. Understand? I'm not sick, so stop. Oppa... sing a song. It's hard enough just carrying you! You sing the song. Listen Online, you really won't sing?! Okay, okay! What should I sing? Anything. Even though I'm lonely or sad... I don't cry. It's thymoma? Yes. It's almost positively thymoma... The problem is whether it is malignant or not. Has this patient taken a biopsy? (biopsy = body tissue examination) Yes. Then we'll know when the results are out. Please tell me about it too. Are patient Radio's biopsy results out? One moment. They aren't out yet. When will they be out? I specially requested for them to be done quickly. I'm not sure... I haven't heard anything yet from the clinical laboratory. Shouldn't they be out tomorrow? Then please contact me as soon as the results are out. Yes. Hey! Which patient is it for you to rush and make a fuss like that? Min-Ho... Tumor patients such as those with thymoma or lymphoma, if they have the subjective symptoms... it can be said that they're in the last stage, right? Right. Cancer is like that. Without a sound or clue, sneaks and slides right in. The human body sure is strange. If it's stabbed by a needle it hurts so much, but if there's that big of a cancer lump, why doesn't it know it's sick and continue to grow the cancer? But who? Is someone you know sick? Hey, scrub it hard. Nice and hard! Director, our gym is the same whether you clean it or not, so why are we cleaning it? I'm going to freeze to death. Hey, man! Your face is the same whether you clean it or not, so why do you wash it? Director! My... my face..! Ah!! I'm not cleaning, I'm not cleaning! My face?! You didn't even wash your face today. Man, take off your eye crust at least. If you don't want to start off the new year with old crusted dirt, work hard! When you finish, I'll buy you all brown noodles. Brown noodles!? Brown noodles?! Man! Clean, clean, clean! That's strange. You guys are even cleaning? Because of brown noodles. Oh! Miss! Have you eaten yet? Yes. Where's oppa? Radio BellyUp4Blues? He's still sleeping. Still? He said he studied until morning, but who knows whether he did or not? Right? Excuse me! Oppa, wake up! Oppa! Oppa! Quickly, wake up! Everyone is cleaning. Wake up now! Listen Online, wake up right this instant! You, really... Wake up quickly! Hey, hey, let go! This is nice. Listen Online, why don't you just let go? If I don't want to? Messing around... Come out. Aren't you guys cleaning? Give me please! It's somewhat neat now. What are you doing? Can't you see? I'm putting them in order. Doesn't it look good when it's organized like this? That's why organization is important! We have to put these back in the cart. Don't touch my masterpiece! Okay, okay! But where did everyone go? Why don't I see anyone? I don't know. Hyung, where did everyone go? Where would we go? We left for you guys. Hey, Deuk-Gu Tae-Woong... Don't forget our friendship!!! It must be nice, right? What did he say? One, two! - Like this? - Yeah, again. One, two! You're good! One, two! Prime numbers? The unsolved problem that you're working on is about prime numbers? Yeah. Prime number... I knew it before. What is it again? A number that can only be divided by one and itself...

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