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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blue Strain

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Blue Strain
Blue Strain that's what a prime number is. It has a lot of pride and... you can think of it as a lonely number. Why? It's the first time I've seen someone call a number lonely. Is that weird? No... it's something you'd do. But oppa... the way I see it, prime numbers aren't lonely at all. It has one. If there's only one person in the entire world who can understand you, it's okay. Then you're not lonely at all. Therefore! The one and only divisor that understands me, I hope that it's you. Wow, you're amazing, Kim Radio. Right? I'm amazing, right? Ah, how do I speak so well too!? Not that... how do you know the word divisor? Wow, you're amazing. What? This person really, you think I'm a stupid idiot!? I finished middle school too! Oh, right! You just avoided it!? Yah! Hey, you won't stay still? Let's go eat. You stop right there! Oh, dirty! Radio, let's go out! What's wrong? What do we do? It's all broken. It's okay, it happens. But... I feel bad. It's okay, Radio. It's okay. Radio, wake up! Radio! Aren't you going to work? Radio! Hey! Hey, wake up! Radio, are you sick? No, I'm okay. What time is it? :! What? I'm late! Hey, give me this towel! Miss! Are you sick? Miss! Are you sick? Are you okay? Yes. Doctor Seo! The biopsy reports you requested yesterday for patient Radio are out. [Kim Radio] Radio. Radio. I'm a little weird. My chest hurts and... something's weird. You know, right? That's why you told me to get an examination, right? Tell me honestly. Is... there something wrong with me? What do we do... it's all broken. What's wrong? What's wrong, Radio? I don't know. I'm just nervous. Welcome! What can I get you? Do you have any Online Radio of the valley? Online Radio of the valley? We don't have anything like that. And don't Online Radio of the valley bloom in the spring? They do, but... We don't have any in our shop. And flower shops don't tend to have flowers like Online Radio of the valley. Yes, I understand. Goodbye! Do I have to wait until next spring? It's malignant... thymoma. In your case, you received a thoracoscopic thymectomy, but... there is a problem in the one section that remained. And that's why your chest hurt so much. So... What to do? Admit yourself to the hospital immediately. There's no other choice but to start treatment as soon as possible. Radio, where are you? Oppa. I stopped by your store, but you weren't there. Why didn't you go to work? Oh, I had to take care of something. What was it? It's nothing. There was something I needed to find out. Yeah? Then do you want to meet up and eat? No... I don't think I can right now. You'll come home early tonight, right? Yeah. Oppa! What, Radio? Radio? Radio? I just... really like you, oppa. Me too. I like you too. Blue Strain So lucky. So lucky. What are you saying is lucky? It's so lucky that you returned without harm. Oppa, did you worry about me? Yeah. Why would you worry about me? Am I a child? I don't know. I was just... was just strangely nervous. What kind of foolish thought is that? Yeah. Isn't it funny? Why did I think like that? Was it because of the Online Radio of the valley? No, no... It was because of you. A while ago you said that you just felt nervous.

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