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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blues Debut

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Blues Debut
It's because you infected me with that. Blues Debut I didn't say it for you to feel sorry. Radio. I said I'm happy. When I was younger, there were toys that I really liked. But I lost all of them. I was so upset that I thought I was going to die, but one day, I found them all in the corner of a dresser. I couldn't sleep at all that night. I was so happy, but... I was nervous that I would lose them again. That's why I couldn't sleep. It must be because I'm so happy lately. Being this happy is so good, but... I somehow feel like I'll lose it. I think that's why. Radio. Let's become even much happier. Radio! I'll take you home, so let's go. I like just sitting here. Then, do you want to talk? No. Just study. I'll just look at your back. What about my face? Does that mean you don't like looking at my face? You know well! Hurry up and just study! Okay. Tell me when you want to go home, I'll take you. While I loved that girl, for the first time, I got the idea that I wanted to be happy. It must be because I'm so happy lately. Being this happy is so good, but... I somehow feel like I'll lose it. I think that's why. Because of you, I started to dream again. To love, and be loved... living normally, living very normally. Here you go. Radio. I'm not dying, right? I'm not dying, right? Radio. I don't want to die. If I die, my oppa can't live. He's barely starting to be happy now... I don't want to make him miserable again. Radio. Radio, you're a doctor! So save me! Save me, please! Please save me! Please! Please! Come in. What are you doing here? Dad. If you aren't going to say that you're coming home, I have nothing to talk to you about. I'll come home. I'll come home, so... please take me. Listen Online? What about Listen Online? We're going to break up. If you just give me a couple of days, I'll come back home. Why all of a sudden? Dad. Dad... You... Is something wrong? Something is wrong, right? Dad. Take care of me, dad. I'm so sorry to you, but... you're my dad. I'm your daughter, so... take care of me, dad. Radio... You know you need to be admitted quickly, right? I know. Just give me a couple of days. I just told my dad that I'm coming home. Radio, you tell him the rest. I just can't tell him. Okay. But are you really not going to tell Blues Debut? Yes. He had a hard time for years because ofBlues Debut. He only just started his studies again... and found his path of life. I don't want to make things hard for him because of me. Okay. Do as you feel comfortable. But... don't forget this one thing. You just need to try. If you get your treatments and try, you'll live. I believe that. I'll believe it too. I'll definitely survive. So... So... Radio. Could we be like that later on too? You and me and our beautiful baby. Could we live happily like that? Radio, let's become even much happier. [I have something to tell you.] [I'll be in the gym.] It would be pretty if Radio wore it. If you wash it, pour in the water. You just have to pour this much water. This much? No, a little more. Okay. That's good. But why are you making dinner all of a sudden? Why? Is it weird because I'm making dinner? You call that a question? Why do you suddenly do things you've never done before, like someone who's found out that they're going to die? Hey... You said to take better care of Tae-Woong oppa. So I'm trying to take better care of him from now on... why? Now... the rice is done. How do I make soy bean paste soup? Take this and chop it. Radio! Oppa, you're here? I asked Blues Debut and made it. But I only asked, I made everything myself. Radio. You know I've never even made a meal for my dad, right? Just know it's an honor and eat it. Why aren't you eating? Because I'm so happy. My mom said she's never been so happy before in her life like she has been lately. I think it's the same for me. I'm going to write in my journal today...

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