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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blues Radio London

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Blues Radio London
"Today's the first day that Radio ever made a meal for me." And I'm going to remember it until I become a grandpa. What's so great about making a meal... that you would remember it? You did it. I'm going to remember everything that you do. Like insurance... I'm going to save all the memories one by one... and later on when I'm older and don't have time to make new memories, I'm going to take out one at a time and look at it. Ah, my Radio said this. My Radio did this for me. Looking back one at a time... that's how I want to age. With you. Are you crying? Who's crying? Hey, you are crying. Are you that touched by my words? I'll go bring water. Eat dinner. Oh right, Radio! What is it that you have to tell me? Huh? You said you had something to tell me in your text message. That is... What that is... It's snowing. It is. Doesn't it look good when it's organized like this? That's why organization is important! Organization... organization... Goldstone's theorem. Ergodic theory. The ratio of a prime number in the set of pseudo-random-numbers. - Blues Radio London What is it? - Radio. Radio. Yeah, is something wrong? I think I found the answer. It's not in my field of major, so I can't just carelessly say this, but... I think you've definitely got at least one part! You found the first step of a solution in this short of a time. You're really something! No, professor. There are more things I need to do in the future. Yes! The real fight starts now! Getting a verification and everything will take some time. But you... really did well! Thank you. First of all, I'll go to the school and show this dissertation to everyone. But I worried about whether those people will judge this correctly. What? Well, because scholars of number theory don't know the ergodic theory. And scholars of the ergodic theory don't know number theory. How can this be judged correctly? You do it! Ah, on a day like this, I wish we could drink happily, but... it's unfortunate that you have an appointment. I'm sorry. When the results come out from the institute, let's have a nice strong drink. But who are you meeting? My girlfriend! If you have a girlfriend, you need to introduce her! Pretty? It's someone you know. Someone I know? nd generation plutocrat, right? - Yes. - Really? No wonder, the way you looked at nd generation plutocrat was no joke. Must be nice! I'm leaving! Radio. You're here? Okay, I'll be right there. Here it is. Blues Radio London? Did you wait long? No. Congratulations on solving that problem. Thanks. But this is the beginning. I need time to perfectly complete it. It might take several years. I see. But, you'll still fulfill my wish, right? You said that if I solve the problem, you'll fulfill one wish. Don't you remember? I... remember. What should I wish for? I thought about it a lot. Please accept it. I'm not saying to get married right away, but after I find my place some more... and when we receive your father's permission... Then... let's get married. I know that it is rash for me to say this, but Blues Radio London no matter how much I thought about what wish I wanted to ask you...

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