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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blues Radio UK

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Blues Radio UK
Blues Radio UK there was only this. You'll accept it, right? Radio! Radio! Radio, what is it? Did I do something wrong? Do you really not know? Are you insane? Why would we get married? Why would we get married?! So... let's do it later. I don't want to. I'm not getting married with anyone. Especially... never with you. That girl is surprisingly nice. Thanks to that girl... my skin has become great. Radio, you're here? Hey. What are you doing right now? Hey! What is it? Did something happen? Did you fight with oppa? Say something! Seung-Ri. Let me go. Radio. How can you just leave like this? - Seung-Ri, just leave me alone. - No. Blues Radio UK said he'll be here soon, so see him and then leave. Oppa! What are you doing? I'm going back home. What? Didn't you hear me? I'm going back home! I'll go inside. You two talk. Why so suddenly? If you felt pressured by what I said before, I'm sorry. I was careless. That's not the entire reason. Then what is it? That... Unless you give me a reason that can persuade me, you can't go anywhere. I won't ever let you go. See? You can't say one. There's no reason for you to leave me. Radio. Let's stop now, hm? Just stop now. It's because it's too hard for me. I can't live like this anymore because it's so grubby. Do I really have to say this with my own mouth? I didn't want to hurt you like this, but... I'm not going to work at the clothes store anymore. It's frustrating to live in a cramped room and... going back and forth to the gym to meet you... I'm sick of these too. It doesn't match me. I can't live like this anymore! Starting from several days ago, I said that I had something to tell you, right? I wanted to say this, but... my mouth wouldn't open, so I couldn't say it. Yeah... This is all I've always amounted to. If you say you're disappointed in me, that's too bad. I've always been like this. Move. - You can't go. - I said to move! I can't ever let you go. Even if you say things are hard, I don't want to let you go. It's okay if you call me selfish... You can curse me and say that I'm a bad guy. No matter what anyone says, I just want to hold you back. Even if I can't make you happy, even if things are too hard for you because of me... I don't want to let you go. I don't want to let you go like this. I'm still going to leave. Are you really going to leave? Are... you really going to leave? Then... let's get married, Radio. Radio. You're here now? Did you tell Deuk-Gu? I'll tell your father. Thank you. You've mentally prepared yourself, right? Let's go. You've worked hard! - How is the progress of the construction going? - We are currently at a Blues Radio UK completion rate. - Okay, let's see it. - Yes, president. For the exterior of the clubhouse, rather than a right angle, we'll have a soft line. We increased the altitude so that it is possible to see further away from the observatory... The current state of the interior of the clubhouse is aiming to complete construction by this February. After the completion of public works at the th hole, the the north course night lighting should be completed by next year. From professionals to average players, we offer a balanced variety of... Most people know the most important aspect of a golf course... Especially the course's... President!? Starting from today, you are going to receive anti-cancer shots for one week. Just know that you'll need to take a blood test before you receive your shot and... you know the side effects of anti-cancer medication, right? If it's too hard for you, say it. We can progress depending on the situation. Father! Dad! Radio, it's okay. Don't worry. Dad will save you. Dad will save you. Don't worry about anything, okay? Everything will work out. It's okay. Don't worry. From now on, we have to be careful about asthma attacks and heart attacks. The cancer cells have already spread to the membrane, so... even a small shock can trigger an attack. Father. Please save her. Please save her, no matter what. No matter what, please save her. [Listen Online.] Radio. Radio. Don't go. Please don't go. Don't go, Radio. Please don't go. Radio! Where are you going?

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