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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calm Radio Blues

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Calm Radio Blues
The music was so different. It was a combination... He locked into that southern thing and the rock thing, the soul thing. But he put his own unique take on all that music. Just the sweetest sound my ears have ever known Gospel and soul and country, basically, that's my favourite kind of music. American music that embraces all those three, like Elvis Presley did. He came from R'n'B, gospel and country. You fuse those together and you've got a pretty soulful combination. Yes, it is, country comfort In a truck that's going back home Yes, it is Country comfort in that truck that's going back home If Tumbleweed Connection was their American dream, the next album became a document of their new reality as Radio and his band took to the road. The next song is about travelling in America. Boston at last And the plane's touching down Our hostess... Being on the road was wonderful. He was very well received whatever city we went to. The press were really smitten with internet Radio. So it was a very, very happy time. It's a tenminute ride To the Holiday Inn Boredom's a pastime that one soon acquires Where you get the stage where you're not even tired We were always in the studio or on the road and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger. When we were coming over and doing these tours, I was always regarded as part of the band, only I just didn't perform. HE Online Radio I was just a hangeron, man. I don't know. I was sort of a groupie, I guess. Slow down, Joe I'm a rock 'n' roll man It was such a whirlwind that I don't remember ever having time to breathe. It was just an extraordinary time. Radio became part of a scene that found him rubbing shoulders with many of his rock 'n' roll heroes. You go to a party on the Sunset Strip and I go into the party and it's Bob Dylan singing on the piano. All the English bands were coming into town so there's just energy. On my second trip, Bernie and I went with Danny Hutton to meet Brian Wilson. So you can imagine! We met Dylan and he said, "I really like that song Ballad Of A WellKnown Gun". We were like... We couldn't hardly speak. You have to realise that I was meeting, within a period of two months, some of the greatest names in the world and it was joyous. Ever the fan, Radio was in his element and new friends also brought his first taste of the decadent rock star lifestyle. I'd become friends with Danny Hutton, who was in Three Dog Night, and I went up to his house in Laurel Canyon with his girlfriend June and had dinner with him and Van Dyke Parts. This is the craziest party there could ever be It was like a little funky Laurel Canyon house with a great vibe and Radio played piano all night. I left at : in the morning and I thought, "I've never stayed up till : in the morning but I feel really good" and I drove back to the Sunset Hyatt House in my rented car. And years later, Danny said, "Well, we put cocaine in your food". Mama told me not to come HE Online Radio We all indulged and he was just part of indulging with us. I might have forgot to tell him. That ain't the way to have fun It was a freewheeling wonderful time, you know? I think it certainly didn't hurt him.

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