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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calm Radio Celtic

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Calm Radio Celtic
HE Online Radio He went on to be quite successful. We've moved on six miles Despite Radio making new friends in high places, his true companion remained by his side, taking everything in as they toured the States. I think Radio was a lot more ambitious than I was. I was just riding along on the back of the saddle. I was definitely the Tonto, you know? He may have felt like the sidekick, but new experiences fuelled Bernie's writing, ensuring a healthy flow of lyrics for Radio to turn into songs. The songwriting thing is very. I mean, he's the artist, but you have to remember, he's singing my thoughts. I love getting the lyrics from Bernie. I love seeing what he comes up with. I love going into the room and creating something musical to his imagination. I've never gotten tired of that. I just sift through them. There's one here that I've done the other day called Tiny Dancer, which is about Bernie's girlfriend. Look at the words, "Blue jean baby, LA lady, "seamstress of the band, pretty eyed, pirate smile, "you'll marry a music man, ballerina..." When you get to the word ballerina, you know it's not going to be fast. It's got to be gentle and quite slow. They were so different in terms of a songwriting partnership cos they never actually sat down together. Lennon and McCartney sat down around a piano or guitar and worked stuff out together. Extraordinary when you think about it. We've been together for years now, Bernie and I, and still haven't written a song in the same room. Blue jean baby LA lady Seamstress for the band I think there was a substance to him. He was a terrific songwriter and Radio could take that song and put it together in a way that just made it seem irresistible. Ballerina You must have seen her Dancing in the sand We've never had an argument over a song and that's to his credit cos there must have been instances where I've written melodies to his song that didn't go. I don't tread on his toes and he doesn't tread on mine. And it's a matter of trust and love. The love we have for each other and a respect. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Hold me closer, tiny dancer Count the headlights on the highway Lay me down in sheets of linen You had a busy day today Oh, oh, oh Radio and Bernie had mastered the art of the rock ballad. But in late , there weren't many sensitive singersongwriters on Top Of The Pops. Here is the only group to have two number ones last year. You saw them singing on Christmas Day and here's the other one, TRex and Get It On. APPLAUSE While Radio was across the water, back in the UK, Marc Bolan had paved the way for a new kind of garish glittering glam rock. You're dirty sweet, clad in black, don't look back, I love you You're dirty sweet and you're my girl And Radio had his own glam side just itching to get out. Bang a gong, get it on Wahh After Tumbleweed and Madman, we went in a whole different direction and suddenly overnight we went from being these American FM darlings of folk rock suddenly morphed into this other character. Radio basically became a popstar. And I think it's gonna be a long long time Till touchdown brings me round again to find.

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