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Thursday, March 28, 2013

CJWW - 600 AM Saskatoon

CJWW - 600 AM Saskatoon, CJWW - 600 AM Saskatoon Listen Online, CJWW - 600 AM Saskatoon Live Online, Country, Canada

CJWW - 600 AM Saskatoon

I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh, no, no, no I'm a rocket man Rocket man, burning up the fuse up here alone Rocket Man was the first big pop single. Up to then I'd had Your Song and Levon and Tiny Dancer weren't big hits at all. So, yeah, that changed everything. Oh, no, no, no I'm a rocket man He loved it. He loved it. He had money to spend. You see his wardrobe started to become more embellished. Oh, no, he took it all in his stride, this is what he wanted. He always wanted to be a star. He went from here to here very quickly but he became very flamboyant also. All of a sudden, he became this wild and crazy character. I think that's what really took him to the superstar area. I remember when rock was young Me and Suzie had so much fun Holding hands and skimming stones Had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own I thought he suddenly jumped out of his skin and became a giant show business character. He was larger than life. And some of the clothes he wore were unbelievably funny. probably the most outlandish one. HE Online Radio Lalalalala I felt that I could have carte blanche to do what I want and I did. I took Legs Larry Smith on tour. Larry would come and tap dance wearing a crash helmet with a wedding couple on and then we'd use midgets, we had a band of midgets dancing with us. We did all sorts of potty things. People would come and think, "What's he going to do now?" Radio was having fun. The fancy dress and rock 'n' roll pastiche of Crocodile Rock were a far cry from the sombre songwriter he appeared to be back in '. And it wasn't to everyone's taste. I shook my head and rolled my eyes and thought... I don't know if I thought maybe he'll grow out of this. He'll move on. Yeah, it was ridiculous. I mean, you don't sing Your Song in a Donald Duck outfit in Central Park. It's beyond awful. But nobody was really going to tell him no at the time. People say, "If you sing something like Your Song, you shouldn't wear this." Fuck off, why not? And I think then you become a law unto yourself and you say, "There's nothing I can't do or can't get away with." When he took off, it was at the same time that the music business as a whole was taking off. It was like a rocket. Whoosh. Everything was getting bigger. More and more money was being made by everybody and nothing was denied you. By this time, Radio had become Radio, you know? Spend a lot. So everything backstage was always palm trees and God knows what else. Lavish. Hey kids, shake it loose together The spotlight's hitting something That's been known to change the weather We had this one private plane called the Starship. It had a sitting room with a fireplace in it and it had a bar on it with an organ. Elizabeth Taylor was on there one time. Radio was in the back resting. That's him in his bedroom in the plane. You can see how big the bed is. It took the whole back of the plane. And somebody started playing the organ. And he shouts out, "Shut that racket up!" And he came out and it was Stevie Wonder playing the organ. HE Online Radio On our jet. It's just insane.

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